Diana George

Diana George


  • Emerita Professor of Humanities


I currently serve as Professor of Rhetoric & Writing and Director of the Virginia Tech Writing Center after six years of having redesigned and directed Virginia Tech's first-year writing program.

From 1977-2005, I taught at Michigan Technological University, where I served as Director of Writing Center Tutoring and Instruction;  Director of First-year English; Director of GTA Education; and Chair of MTU's University General Education Council (1998-2000). During that time, I taught undergraduate courses as varied as British Novel, the three-quarter sequence of Science and Humanities, Art Appreciation, and First-year Writing. As a part of the inaugural faculty in the PhD program Rhetoric and Technical Communication, I designed and taught Composition Theory, Visual Rhetoric, and Composition and Cultural Studies. With Nancy Grimm and Ed Lotto, I served as co-editor of Writing Center Journal (1990-1994). My scholarship reflects what, by some, must seem a kaleidoscope of interests: Composition pedagogy; visual studies; and alternative rhetorics — all with a special attention to marginalized voices.


  • Rhetoric and Writing
  • Visual Theory and Rhetoric
  • Composition Studies
  • Writing Center Studies
  • Rhetoric in Society

Recent Publications

  • George, Diana, Tim Lockridge, and John Trimbur, “Cultural Studies and Composition.” A Guide to Composition Pedagogies. Eds. Gary Tate, Amy Rupiper Taggart, Kurt Schick, H. Brooke Hessler. 2nd edition. New York, NY: Oxford University Press, 2013: 94-110.
  • George, Diana and Paula Mathieu. “A Place for the Dissident Press in a Rhetorical Education: ‘Sending Up a Signal Flare in the Darkness.” John Ackerman and David Coogan, eds., The Public Work of Rhetoric: Citizen Scholars and Civic Engagement, University of South Carolina Press, 2010.U of South Carolina P, 2010: 247-266.
  • Mathieu, Paula and Diana George. “Not Going it Alone: Public Writing, Independent Media, and the Circulation of Homeless Advocacy,” College Composition and Communication 61.1 (September 2009): 156-175.
  • George, Diana. “From Analysis to Design: Visual Communication in the Teaching of Writing,” College Composition and Communication 54.1 (2002): 11-39.