Systems Engineering—Minor

Learn systems thinking and systems engineering to prepare for industry or graduate school.

Model an electric power grid or improve a product supply chain. Analyze complex problems, construct low-fidelity systems models, and use a dynamic systems model to make appropriate design decisions.

The minor in Systems Engineering can be useful to students majoring in mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, computer engineering, engineering management, forestry, biology, and other areas where complex systems play a role.

A minor allows an undergraduate student to specialize in a secondary discipline. A student may minor in any subject, provided the title of the minor differs from the title of the student’s major or major concentration.

To pursue a minor, you must first be enrolled in a bachelor’s degree program and file a curriculum change request with the Registrar's Office to declare the minor. We recommend that you begin your minor studies as early as possible in your academic career.

Students pursuing this minor may be interested in joining the Systems Engineering Association at Michigan Tech.