2000-2005 Commencements


2005 Midyear Commencement

Dr. Kathyrn Clark

2005 Spring Commencement

George Siler

2004 Midyear Commencement

Phil Ruppe

2004 Spring Commencement

Dr. Daniel Branagan

2003 Midyear Commencement

Ms. Julie A. Fream—Class of 1983
Vice President, DaimlerChrysler North America, Customer Business Group, and Visteon Corporation

2003 Spring Commencement

Gary E. Anderson—Class of 1967
Chairman and CEO, Dow Corning Corporation

2002 Midyear Commencement

Senator Donald Koivisto
Michigan Senate, 38th District

2002 Spring Commencement

Dr. Charlie Chu-Chuan—Class of '67 & '71
Founder and President, Chen-Tech Taiwan Industries, Corp.

2001 Midyear Commencement

Dr. Kenneth E. Rowe—Class of 1952
Retired, Health Officer and Medical Director, Western U.P. District Health Department and Dickinson-iron District Health Department

2001 Spring Commencement

John D. Opie—Class of 1961
Retired Vice Chairman of the Board and Executive Officer, General Electric Company

2000 Midyear Commencement

James A. Mack—Class of 1959
President and CEO, Cambrex Corporation

2000 Spring Commencement

Dr. Robert D. Carnahan—Class of 1953
President, CEO, and Executive Director, Thixomat, Inc.