1980-1989 Commencements



1989 Midyear Commencement

Dr. Jeanette G. Grasselli
Distinguished Visiting Professor and Director of Research Enhancement, Ohio University

1989 Spring Commencement

Rosa Louise Parks
Mother of the Modern Day Civil Rights Movement

1988 Midyear Commencement

Helen O. Petrauskas
Vice President of Environmental and Safety Engineering, Ford Motor Company

1988 Spring Commencement

Dr. Herber A. Simon
Professor of Computer Science and Psychology, Carnegie-Mellon University

1987 Midyear Commencement

John D. Opie—Class of 1961
Senior Vice President and Group Executive Lighting Business Group, General Electric Co.

1987 Spring Commencement

Dr. David W. Adamany
President, Wayne State University

1986 Midyear Commencement

Julius J. Harwood
Vice President of Energy Conversion Devices, Inc.; President of Ovonic Synthetic Materials Co.; Member of Board of Trustees

1986 Spring Commencement

F. James McDonald
President of General Motors Corporation

1985 Midyear Commencement

Dr. Gordon E. Moore
Chairman of the Board, Intel Corporation

1985 Spring Commencement

Forrest N. Shumway
Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer of the Signal Companies, Inc.


1984 Midyear Commencement

Dr. Louis Robinson
Director of University Relations, IBM Corporation

1984 Spring Commencement

Dr. George A. Keyworth II
Science Advisor to the President and Director of the Office of Science and Technology Policy

1983 Midyear Commencement

Major General Oscar C. Decker, Jr.
Retired, U.S. Army Tank-Automotive Command

1983 Spring Commencement

Dr. Robert A. Frosch
Vice President, General Motors Corporation, GM Research Laboratories

1982 Midyear Commencement

The Honorable Governor William G. Milliken
Governor, State of Michigan

1982 Spring Commencement

Dr. William N. Hubbard
President, Upjohn Pharmaceutical Company

1981 Midyear Commencement

Thomas J. Rentenbach
Chairman, Board of Directors, Rentenbach Engineering Company

1981 Spring Commencement

Dr. Melvin Calvin—Class of 1931
Director and University Professor of Chemistry, Laboratory of Chemical Biodynamics, University of California, Berkeley

1980 Midyear Commencement

Dr. Raymond L. Smith
President Emeritus, Michigan Technological University

1980 Spring Commencement

Dr. Harold T. Shapiro
President, University of Michigan