1970-1979 Commencements


1979 Midyear Commencement

Harold S. Jensen—Class of 1952
Partner, Metropolitan Structures

1979 Spring Commencement

Admiral Elmo R. Zumwalt
President, American Medical Building

1978 Midyear Commencement

Nathan E. Promisel
Formerly with National Materials Advisory Board and also Consultant to Government and Industry

1978 Spring Commencement

Alice E. Hennessey
Vice President and Corporate Secretary, Boise Cascade Corporation

1977 Midyear Commencement

Charles C. Huston—Class of 1930
Consulting Mining Engineer, C. C. Huston & Associates

1977 Spring Commencement

Dr. Heinrich Mandel
Director, Rheinisch-Westfalischen Elektrizitswerkes

1976 Midyear Commencement

Dr. W. Dale Compton
Vice PresidentResearch, Ford Motor Co.

Spring 1976

Dr. Ivar Giaever
Biophysicist, Physical Science Branch, General Electric Co. Research and Development Center

1975 Midyear Commencement

Charles C. Gates
President and Chairman of the Board, The Gates Rubber Co.

1975 Spring Commencement

Norma Pace
Vice President, American Paper Institute

1974 Midyear Commencement

Chester O. Ensign
President and Chief Executive Officer, Copper Range Company

1974 Spring Commencement

Soichiro Honda
President, Honda Motor Company, Ltd.

1973 Midyear Commencement

Dr. Kenneth J. Shouldice
President, Lake Superior State College

1973 August Commencement

Kemmons Wilson
Chairman of Bd., Holiday Inns, Inc.

1973 June Commencement

Walter J. Hickel
Businessman(Former Gov. of Alaska and former Secretary of the Interior)

1973 March Commencement

Dr. Donald K. Slayton
NASA Astronaut

1972 December Commencement

William Veeser—Class of 1949
Vice President, Upper Peninsula Power Co.

1972 August Commencement

F. John McMulkin—Class of 1937
Vice President—Research, Dominion Foundries & Steel, Ltd

1972 June Commencement

Dr. Daniel P. Moynihan
Harvard University

1972 March Commencement

James A. Black
President, General Research, Inc.

1971 December Commencement

Herman Gundlach
Herman Gundlach, Inc.

1971 August Commencement

Adrian Kantrowitz. M.D.
Chairman, Department of Surgery, Sinai Hospital

1971 June Commencement

Eric Hoffer
Longshoreman and Writer

1971 March Commencement

Julius J. Harwood

1970 December Commencement

Russell F. Hoyer

1970 August Commencement

Dr. Martin J. Caserio
Vice President and General Manager, General Motors Corp

1970 June Commencement

Dr. Glenn T. Seaborg
Chairman, US Atomic Energy Commission

1970 March Commencement

No Speaker