How to Register for a Co-op

Paperwork for Spring 2021 Co-op is being accepted now.  Registration for spring term starts October 25; you will be registered on a first-come-first-serve basis starting at that time.  Spring Co-ops must start between January 4-18 and end April 23 - May 7.  Graduating international students, your co-op must end on April 23.  The last day for domestic students to turn paperwork in for a spring co-op is December 21. For international students, the last day to turn in paperwork is December 11.

In order to be registered in a co-op course, you must fill out the appropriate co-op forms. Forms must be downloaded and electronically completed. These forms accept digital signatures and all signatures are required. Career Services will sign their sections upon receipt of the completed forms to

International Students Only: Once registered by Career Services, you will receive a registration confirmation with a link to a Google form for CPT and a new I-20. International Programs & Services will process your I-20 and notify you when ready.

Step 1

Download, read, and electronically complete the Cooperative Education Program Student Information & Checklist that is appropriate for you. Undergraduate Form  or Graduate Form

Step 2 

Download, read, and electronically complete the Cooperative Education Program Agreement.

Step 3

Send the above completed forms along with your offer letter including your start and end dates to Make sure your start and end dates are in within the allowable dates in our guidelines.

Step 4 

Read the Co-op Handbook.