Job Offers

Congratulations! You've received a job offer—or maybe more than one.

Sometimes it’s an easy decision because your favorite company made an offer. Often, it’s a tough decision because you’re unsure which offer fits you best.

Even if it’s your dream job/company, we encourage you to take time to closely evaluate the offer—and Career Services can help. The salary and benefits may be immediately evident, but there are many other considerations you should think about. Immediately thank the representative for the offer, ensure you have complete details, then take the time to evaluate and compare.

What You'll Want to Know and Evaluate

Before accepting an offer, get help from Career Services to:

We expect you to be completely ethical throughout your entire job search, upholding your own integrity, as well as Michigan Tech's. Once you've accepted a job offer, you must keep your commitment. Discontinue any further job search—it is unethical to renege on an accepted offer.