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Hear what recruiters are looking for when they receive your resume.

You want your resume to be a strong and effective summary of your education, skills, and experience. 

"No Selling, Just Telling"

Include Detailed Evidence

  • Hands-on experience — technical and problem-solving skills: internship, co-op, Enterprise, research, projects
  • Communication skills — teamwork, campus involvement, writing, and presentation skills
  • Leadership — co-curricular, on and off campus
  • Work ethic — jobs or co-curricular involvement, on and off campus

Provide numerous and specific details of how you've already thought and acted like an engineer, accountant, technical writer, psychologist, data analysis, chemist, anthropologist, biologist, forester, or physicist.

Make a Strong Visual Impact

  • Consistent formatting with balanced symmetry and spacing
  • Bold, defined topic headings and categories
  • Clean, sans-serif font: Arial, Calibri, Helvetica, or Tahoma
  • Font size no smaller than 11
  • Concise bullets with as few characters as possible