Behavioral Interviews

You'll most likely encounter a Behavioral Interview, where you'll be asked for examples of your past experiences and behavior in certain situations. Employers want you to give lots of specific details, so they can get to know you better.

The best way to be fearless, confident, and successful when interviewing is to be prepared. Review and practice answering sample questions using the STAR method! (Writing them down is a great way to bring them to the forefront of your memory.)

STAR Technique

One strategy for preparing for behavioral interviews is to use the STAR technique, as outlined below. (This is often referred to as the SAR and PAR techniques as well.)

S - Situation

Introduce the scenario to your interviewer. Include: Where, What, When, Why, Who

T - Task

Describe the goal you worked toward. It could be a problem you solved, a goal met by you or your team, a challenge you overcame, a conflict you resolved, or an experience in teamwork or leadership.

A - Action

Tell the interviewer about the steps you took to solve your problem, meet your goal, or overcome the challenge. What was the first action you took? What actions followed?

R - Result

Did the situation end well, or not so well? Sometimes not-so-good results or mistakes are our greatest lessons. Be sure to explain what you learned and how you might apply that lesson in your future work.