Stakeholders– The Future is Now!

Stakeholder - a person with an interesting or concern in something, especially a business. As a modifier: denoting a type of organization or system in which all the members or participants are seen as having an interest in its success.
-Oxford Dictionary.

It is a great honor to be selected as the tenth Dean of the School of Business and Economics. I am proud of our School, our alumni, our faculty, our students, our supporters and our accomplishments. I view my role and your role to be SBE stakeholders.  We strive to make the SBE as successful as possible. I challenge you to be an active stakeholder in the SBE. I challenge you to identify activities where your passions align with our strategic plan. I challenge you to create spires of excellence within the SBE in support of our strategic plan. I lay this challenge at the feet of our faculty, staff and students as well as our alumni, friends and firms who hire our students.
For faculty members, this challenge can be excellence and innovations inside and outside classroom, employing experiential education, developing a new teaching or research center, producing impactful research, engaging the STEM-side of campus through cross-disciplinary education or research grants.
For alumni, this may represent serving on a school advisory board member, becoming a student mentor, being a transformational donor, serving as a corporate liaison for internships and jobs, visiting high schools to promote the SBE, or being a guest speaker.
Through the leadership of the Dean’s Office and the SBE Dean’s Advisory Council, the SBE has developed “The Future is Now Strategic Plan”; ie, the FIN Plan. Key components include the integration of business and technology within the classroom and research, student-centered faculty; experiential education, increased interaction between business and STEM students, quality research, endowed faculty positions, student scholarships, and major infrastructure improvements.
Please contact me if you are interested in learning more about the FIN Plan. I strongly believe you can link your personal passion in support of the SBE and the FIN Plan. Life is fleeting and brief. The future is now. If you have a passion that can positively impact the SBE, please contact me to share your ideas: Together all of the SBE stakeholders can help create the future now!


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Dean Johnson

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