Medical Devices and Technologies—Graduate Certificate

Medical Device Engineering

Become part of the tremendous growth in medical technology sectors.

Learn the basics of medical imaging. Understand regulatory aspects of medical device packaging and miniaturization. Apply principles of design to diagnostics and wearables. Try out microelectromechanical system fabrication techniques. Completion of the requirements for this certification indicates specialization in medical devices and technologies. The median medical device engineer salary is about $90,000 per year.


Progress quickly with a compact curriculum.

Work with the program advisor to check your pre-requisite skills.

Required Courses

Take 10 credits.

The 1 credit project may take on various forms depending upon the needs and interests of the student. This is not a thesis. Examples of projects may include literature reviews, participation in a research project, or a work-related project that the student needs to complete at their place of employment.

Sample Plan

The minimum completion time is two semesters.

Here is a typical schedule.

Fall Spring
BE 5670
BE 5755
BE 5410
BE 5900

Graduate Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of the Certificate the student should be able to:

  1. Create device requirements for medical product design and development using fundamental knowledge of engineering, biomedicine, and biotechnology
  2. Integrate high-level engineering principles to solve specific biomedical problems related to medical devices and technologies.
  3. Apply knowledge of device development, manufacturing and regulatory requirements to real-life medical device design and development scenarios.
“Examples of wearable medical devices and sensors beyond smart watches include hearing aids, insulin pumps, devices for respiratory therapy and sleep apnea, non-invasive ventilation devices, continuous glucose monitoring devices, blood pressure monitors, cardiac and heart rate monitors, and wearable pulse oximeters.”Michigan Tech Global Campus, Enhancing Wearable Tech