Teaching Labs

Instrumentation Laboratory

The Instrumentation Laboratory is a teaching facility designed to maximize the learning techniques of measuring and analyzing physiological quantities, which is accomplished through the application of principles in physics, electronics, and engineering. The lab is equipped with all instrumentation necessary for instruction in basic circuitry, transducers, signal generation and processing, data recording, and analysis methodology.

Location: Minerals and Materials U209
Contacts: Smitha Rao and Mike LaBeau

Senior Design Laboratory

The Biomedical Engineering Senior Design Laboratory is designed to support students during their senior capstone project. After a semester of initial design and feasibility study, students then have the ability to bring their ideas to the lab bench to create working prototypes. The lab is fully equipped with all the tools and electronic equipment needed for the fabrication, modification, and testing of biomedical circuits and devices.

Location: Minerals and Materials 613
Contacts: Keat Ghee Ong and Mike LaBeau