Teaching Labs

Design and Prototyping Laboratory

The design and prototyping laboratory has two 3D printers for rapid prototyping of biomedical devices. This lab features computers with numerical simulation tools for concept design and verification. The lab also has a design station, equipped with cameras and a wall display for multi-location design discussions.

Location: Minerals and Materials U106

Device Fabrication Laboratory

The Biomedical Engineering Device Fabrication Laboratory is fully equipped with machining tools and electronic equipment needed for the fabrication, modification, and testing of biomedical circuits and devices.

Location: Minerals and Materials 613

Experimental Techniques Laboratory

The Experimental Techniques Laboratory is designed to teach students how to collect experimental data from various wet analysis techniques. Students learn to assess the quality of those measurements in order to make informed decisions based on results obtained. The lab is equipped with all instrumentation necessary for instruction in collection of analytical data, creation of calibration curves, and proper processing and presentation of experimental data collected.

Location: Minerals and Materials U103

Instrumentation Laboratory

Laboratory activities include the development of biomedical sensors and instrumentation for applications in clinical medicine, focusing on obstetrics and neonatology. Facilities include thick-film microfabrication processing equipment, thin-film thermal evaporation equipment, and apparatus for electronic-circuit design, construction, and evaluation. This lab is augmented by the University-wide Microfabrication Facility located on the fourth floor of the Minerals and Materials Building.

Location: Minerals and Materials U209
Contact: Orhan Soykan and Mike LaBeau

Senior Design Laboratories

The Biomedical Engineering Senior Design Laboratory is designed to support students during their senior capstone project. Students are able to bring their ideas to the lab bench to create working prototypes. The facility consists of two fully equipped labs for handling a wide spectrum of biomedical senior design projects.

Contact: Bruce Lee and Mike LaBeau