Scanning Probe Microscopy Facility

Veeco Nano

The Veeco Nanoscope II operates in contact mode of atomic force microscopy.

Veeco Nanoscope II AFM


Atomic force microscopy is a subset of scanning probe microscopy. The Veeco Nanoscope II operates in contact mode and is primarily used for high-resolution imaging and surface force measurements in both gas and liquid environments.

Close up of the Veeco Nano instrument.



Cantilevers are located in a box in the AFM lab. There is a log sheet next to them. Facility users must record their use of tips.

General purpose tapping mode cantilevers are available for $21 each. Users will be charged for a new training cantilever. Afterwards, users can purchase any other type of cantilever themselves. Contact staff for a vendor list.



Free online eTraining is available for this instrument. This self-paced tutorial and reference content does not replace course requirements for authorized usage.

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