All SPMF users must review the general approach to ACMAL training.

ACMAL Training

SPMF Training

Informal Training

ACMAL is pleased to offer online training modules, which we refer to as ACMAL eTraining. Informal training DOES NOT take the place of formal training required for authorized use.

Here are the best uses for the ACMAL eTraining modules:

  • As a supplement to formal training
  • For reference while using the instruments
  • As a refresher for lapsed usage

Check each instrument page for related training modules.

Electron Microscopy Online Training


All SAF users must review the general classification to ACMAL authorization, use rates, and session accountability.

ACMAL Authorization

ACMAL Use Rates

ACMAL Session



Before reserving equipment, all users must familiarize themselves with lab procedure and policy.

Scanning Probe Microscopy Instrument Google Calendar Name
Asylum Research MFP-3D Origin+ Atomic Force Microscope ACMAL > ACMAL-Origin AFM
Veeco Dimension 3000 Atomic Force Microscope ACMAL > ACMAL-Veeco AFM

All SPMF users must review ACMAL use rates and session accountability.

ACMAL Use Rates

ACMAL Session

Follow the instructions below to make a reservation. Many of the instruments can be reserved using Google Calendar.

Google Resource Calendar Instructions