Cell Culture Lab

The Cell Culture Laboratory is a Biosafety Level 1/Biosafety Level 2 facility.

Cell Culture Laboratory


The Cell Culture Laboratory in ChemSci S012 is a Biosafety Level 1/Biosafety Level 2 facility. (View the Safety Inspection Report.) It is dedicated to cell work only. No bacterial or viral work is allowed! All cell transfections, tissue fixations and other cell/tissue manipulations should be done outside the facility.

Up to 4 h sign-ups are allowed for a Biosafety Cabinet.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and all necessary supplies to conduct experiments must be brought in by the user. The Cell Culture Lab provides space and instrumentation.

Users are expected to have sufficient training in:

  • Cell culture preparation
  • The use of a Biological Safety Cabinet (Cole-Parmer A2 Class)
  • The use of an autoclave
  • Biosafety Level 2 procedures and practices

In addition, users must adhere to all standard operating procedures listed for this lab, including those for safety and cleanliness.

There is no charge for sample preparation in the Cell Culture Lab, including use of the Biological Safety Cabinet or Biosafety Cabinet (BSC).

Users MUST RESERVE the Cell Culture Lab facilities prior to using a Biosafety Cabinet.