All CIF users must review the general approach to ACMAL training.

ACMAL Training

CIF Training

Review each instrument page for formal and informal training options.


All CIF users must review the general classification to ACMAL authorization, use rates, and session accountability.

ACMAL Authorization

ACMAL Use Rates

ACMAL Session

CIF Authorization

The first step in authorization and access is to fill out the CIF User Profile/Responsible Agreement Form and have it signed by the Account Holder.



Before reserving equipment, all users must familiarize themselves with lab procedure and policy.

Confocal Imaging Facility Instrument Google Calendar Name
Confocal Microscope CIF > CIF-Microscope
Attune NxT Acoustic Focusing Cytometer CIF > CIF-Attune NxT flow cytometer
Cell Culture Lab CIF > CIF-Biosafety Cabinet

Follow the instructions below to make a reservation. Many of the instruments can be reserved using Google Calendar.

Google Resource Calendar Instructions

CIF Session

After you have completed training and when you are ready to do research using the CIF, follow the procedure below:

  1. Familiarize yourself with lab policy and safety procedures.
  2. Reserve the microscope.
  3. Get a key. Keys can be found in the front office of the Department of Chemistry, Chem-Sci 607.
  4. Sign into the logging system immediately before starting.
  5. Follow safety rules, standard operating procedures, and cleanliness behaviors while operating the instrument.
  7. Sign out of the logging system immediately after finishing.
  8. Return the key.

Cell Culture Lab Session

  1. Users MUST RESERVE the Cell Culture Lab facilities prior to using a Biosafety Cabinet. Up to 4 h sign-ups are allowed for a Biosafety Cabinet.
  2. Users MUST FILL OUT the log-book dedicated for the usage of Biosafety Cabinet.
  3. Users must review and follow the general Safety and Cleanliness requirements for the Confocal Imaging Lab and the Cell Culture Lab.
  4. Users MUST follow all specific safety and cleanliness guidelines below related to the Standard Operating Procedures within the Cell Culture Lab.
  5. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and all necessary supplies to conduct experiments must be brought in by the user.
  6. Upon request users can be assigned storage place for gloves, lab-coats and other supplies.
  7. Failure to comply with all reservation, safety and cleanliness guidelines may result in cancellation of the access to the Cell Culture Laboratory.

Attune NxT Session

  1. Familiarize yourself with lab policy and safety procedures.
  2. Reserve the instrument.
  3. Access to the facility and instrument is card-based. After completion of the training your card will be activated to access the CIF and Attune NxT.