All CIF users must review the general cleanliness rules for ACMAL.

ACMAL Cleanliness

Cell Culture Laboratory


Upon request, users can be assigned storage place for gloves, lab-coats and other supplies.

Reagents and Samples

  1. Label all reagents and samples stored in common areas. Unlabeled samples will be thrown away during weekly lab clean-up.
  2. Spills and other emergency situations MUST be handled according to the Incident Response SOP.


  1. All waste must be properly placed into the biosafety waste container. Containers are provided and will be cleaned weekly.
  2. If a user generates a lot of waste and fills out the container, they should remove the full plastic back from the container, seal it, and place a new bag into the waste container. Bags are located at the bottom of the waste container.
  3. Sharps, such as needles, scalpels, pipettes, and broken glassware, must be placed in the appropriate designated containers.


  1. Clean the internal surface of the Biosafety Cabinet with a 70% Ethanol/water solution. Bottles with the pre-mixed solutions are available. Please refill bottles upon usage. Ethanol and distilled water are available in the lab.
  2. Users must wash their hands after working with potentially hazardous materials and before leaving the laboratory.
  3. Use an appropriate disinfectant to clean work surfaces after completion of work and after any spill or splash of potentially infectious material.
  4. Use bleach or an autoclave to decontaminate all cultures, stocks, and other potentially infectious materials before disposal.