Claudio Mazzoleni

Claudio Mazzoleni


  • Professor, Physics
  • PhD, Atmospheric Sciences

Research Description

The main research interest of the Environmental Optics Laboratory is the study of the effects that anthropogenic and natural particulates suspended and transported in the atmosphere (aerosols) have on Earth's climate and air quality. The net effect on climate from greenhouse gases, aerosols, and clouds is a complex integral that is not well quantified. This is also due to gaps in our knowledge of real world particle optical, physical and chemical properties, and their spatial and temporal distributions. We study the optical properties and the morphology of aerosols and their interaction with solar radiation and clouds by developing new instrumentations, performing laboratory studies, and analyzing data and samples collected in different locations of the globe, from polluted urban areas to remote regions. The goal is to provide new data to advance our fundamental understanding of atmospheric processes and in the end, enhance the performances of future climate models and improve air quality.

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  • Atmospheric Science
  • Aerosol properties (optical, physical and morphological) and effects on clouds and climate
  • Instrument development and environmental optics