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Cultural Studies 1983: A Theoretical History (Stuart Hall: Selected Writings)

Cultural Studies 1983: A Theoretical History (Stuart Hall: Selected Writings)

The publication of Cultural Studies 1983 is a touchstone event in the history of Cultural Studies and a testament to Stuart Hall's unparalleled contributions. The eight foundational lectures Hall delivered at the University of Illinois in 1983 introduced North American audiences to a thinker and discipline that would shift the course of critical scholarship. Hall discusses the work of Richard Hoggart, Raymond Williams, and E. P. Thompson; the influence of structuralism; the limitations and possibilities of Marxist theory; and the importance of Althusser and Gramsci.

Culture and Technology: A Primer

Culture and Technology: A Primer

From mobile phones to surveillance cameras, from fracking to genetically modified food, we live in an age of intense debate about technology’s place in our culture. Culture and Technology is an essential guide to that debate and its fascinating history. Slack and Wise untangle and expose cultural assumptions that underlie our thinking about technology, stories so deeply held we often don’t recognize their influence. The book considers the perceived inevitability of technological progress, the role of control and convenience, and the very sense of what technology is. Most important, it builds an alternative, cultural studies approach for engaging technological culture, one that considers politics, economics, space, time, identity, and change. After all, what we think and what we do make a difference.

Shelley's Radical Stages: Performance and Cultural Memory in the Post-Napoleonic Era

Shelley's Radical Stages: Performance and Cultural Memory in the Post-Napoleonic Era

Dana Van Kooy draws critical attention to Percy Bysshe Shelley as a dramatist and argues that his dramas represent a critical paradigm of romanticism in which history is 'staged'. Reading Shelley's dramas as a series of radical stages - historical reenactments and theatrical reproductions - Van Kooy highlights the cultural significance of the drama and the theatre in shaping and contesting constructions of both the sovereign nation and the global empire in the post-Napoleonic era. It examines each of Shelley's dramas as a specific radical stage that reformulates the familiar cultural performances of war, revolution, slavery and domestic tyranny. Although Shelley's dramas are few in number they engage a larger cultural project of aesthetic and political reform that constituted a groundswell of activism that took place during the Romantic period.

Hermeneutical Heidegger

Hermeneutical Heidegger

Examines and confronts Heidegger's hermeneutical approach to philosophy and the history of philosophy. Heidegger's work, both early and late, has had a profound impact on hermeneutics and hermeneutical philosophy. The essays in this volume are striking in the way they exhibit the variety of perspectives on the development and role of hermeneutics in Heidegger's work, allowing a multiplicity of views on the nature of hermeneutics and hermeneutical philosophy to emerge. As Heidegger argues, the rigor and strength of philosophy do not consist in the development of a univocal and universal method, but in philosophy's ability to embrace—not just tolerate—the questioning of its basic concepts. The essays in Hermeneutical Heidegger are exemplars of this kind of rigor and strength.

Ethics and Literature in Chile, Argentina, and Paraguay, 1970-2000: From the Singular to the Specific (Literatures of the Americas)

Ethics and Literature in Chile, Argentina, and Paraguay, 1970-2000: From the Singular to the Specific (Literatures of the Americas)

This book argues for a new reading of the political and ethical through the literatures of Argentina, Chile, and Paraguay from 1970-2000. Carlos Amador reads a series of examples from the last dictatorship and the current post-dictatorship period in the Southern Cone, including works by Augusto Roa Bastos, Roberto Bolaño, Ceferino Reato, Horacio Verbitsky, Nelly Richard, Diamela Eltit, and Willy Thayer, with the goal of uncovering the logic behind their conceptions of belonging and rejection. Focusing on theoretical concepts that make possible the formation of any and all communities, this study works towards a vision of literature as essential to the structure of ethics.

Dieter Wolfgang Adolphs

  • „Gastlichkeit bei Thomas Mann,“ Gastlichkeit: Rahmenthema der Kulinaristik, ed by Alois Wierlacher (Berlin: Lit Verlag, 2012): 221-37.
  • „Die amerikanische Exil-RhetorikThomas Manns als Zeugnis einer weltanschaulichen Neuorientierung,“ Weltanschauliche Neuorientierungsversuche im Exil/New Orientations of World View in Exile , ed Reinhard Andress (Amsterdam, New York: Rudopi, 2010): 265-82
  • “Thomas Mann (6 June 1875 – 12 August 1955),“ Nobel Prize Laureates in Literatures, Part 3: Langerkvist-Pontoppian (Detroit, Thomson Gale, 2007): 122-47.
  • “Theodor W, Adorner’s Contribution to Thomas Mann’s Doctor Faustus,” in Die Alchemie der Exils: Exil als schoeperischer Impuls (Vienna, Edition Preasens, 2005): 149-165.
  • "Zur Bedeutung des amerikanischen Exils für Thomas Manns künstlerisches und essayistisches Werk," in Zeitenwende: Die Germanistik auf dem Weg vom 20. ins 21. Jahrhundert, ed. by Hans‑Gert Roloff (Bern: Peter Lang, 2002). 357-362.
  • „Hermann Bahrs kulturkritische Revision der Moderne in seinem essayistischen und literarischen Werk der Jahre 1904 bis 1906," Adalbert-Stifter-Jahrbuch 7 (1998): 49-60. (Publication date 2001).
  • „Thomas Manns Erzählung Die Betrogene: Ein literarisches ‘Farewell to America’?" Colloquia Germanica: Internationale Zeitschrift für Germanistik 32 (1999): 257-86. (Publication date 2000.) 257-86.
  • Cultural Studies und Critique of Power: Eine Herausforderung für die Deutschstudien in Nordamerika," Jahrbuch Deutsch als Fremdsprache: Intercultural German Studies 25 (1999): 147-86.
  • Dieter Adolphs and Egon Schwarz, “Thomas Mann,” in Concise Dictionary of World Literary Biography: German Writers (Detroit, London, et al.: Bruccoli Clark Layman, 1999) 478-99.

Sarah Bell

  • "The dB in the .db: Vocaloid Software as Posthuman Instrument," Rutledge Taylor & Francis Group, June 2015 Read More

Victoria L. Bergvall

  • Bergvall, Victoria Lee, Janet Mueller Bing, and Alice F. Freed. Rethinking Language and Gender Research: Theory and Practice. Boston: Addison Wesley Publishing Company, 1996. Print.

Michael Bowler

  • Hermeneutical Heidegger, co-edited with Ingo Farin (Northwestern University Press, 2016) Read More
  • "Heidegger and the Hermeneutical Understanding of Human Being," in Hermeneutical Heidegger, ed. Michael Bowler and Ingo Farin (Northwestern University Press, 2016)
  • "Heidegger, Aristotle and Philosophical Leisure," Proceedings of the American Catholic Philosophical Association, vol. 88 (2014)
  • "An Existential Conception of Culture," Studia Philosophiae Christianae, vol. 49, issue 4 (2013)
  • “Heidegger on Hermeneutic Rationality: Logos and World,” in International Studies in Hermeneutics and Phenomenology, vol. 3, edited by Maria Luísa Portocarrero, Luis António Umbelino, and Andrzej Wiercinski (Lit-Verlag: Berlin, 2012).

Ann Brady

  • Feminist Rhetorical Resilience, with Elizabeth Flynn and Patty Sotirin. Logan, UT: Utah State UP, 2011. Print.
  • “Moving On and Beyond: STC Programmatic Assessment Models,” with Erik Hayenga and Jingfang Ren. Programmatic Perspectives. 2012. Web.
  • “Static to Dynamic: Professional Identity as Inventory, Invention, and Performance in Classrooms and Workplace,” with Joanna Schreiber. Technical Communication Quarterly, forthcoming 2013. Print.

Sue Collins

  • “Star Testimonies and Trailers: Mobilizing During World War I,” Cinema Journal, forthcoming 2017.
  • "Star Testimonies: World War and the Cultural Politics of Authority." In Cinema’s Military Industrial Complex, edited by Haidee Wasson and Lee Grieveson (Eds.), University of California Press, in press.
  • “Politainment,” co-authored with Kristina Riegert, The International Encyclopedia of Political Communication, edited by Gianpietro Mazzoleni, 974- 984. MA: Wiley-Blackwell, 2015.
  • “Send Your Soldier to the Show with Smileage: Film, Cultural Policy, and the World War I Training Camps,” Film History, 26, 1 (April 2014): 1-49
  • "Performing Ordinary: Politicians, Celebrity, & the Politics of Representation on Entertainment Talk," Popular Culture Studies Journal, 2 (October 2014): 109-139. Online issue:
  • “I’m Not a Celebrity but I Play One on Late-Night TV: The Problem with Politicians and Celebrity.” In Venomous Speech and Other Problems in American Political Discourse, Vol. 2, edited by Clarke Rountree, 339-358. Santa Barbara: Praeger, 2013.
  • “Propaganda Studies: The U.S. Interwar Years.” In Media History and the Foundations of Media Studies, Vol. 1, The International Encyclopedia of Media Studies, 578-609, edited by John Nerone and Angharad Valdivia. MA: Wiley-Blackwell, 2013.
  • “After 4 Years of a Celebrity President,” is Romney the Anti-Celebrity Candidate?” Contributing curator, In Media Res, “Political Polarization” theme week, August 13-17, 2012; online publication:
  • “Bonding with the Crowd: Silent Film Stars, Liveness, and the Public Sphere.” In Convergence Media History, edited by Janet Staiger and Sabine Hake, 117-126. New York: Routledge, 2009.
  • “Celebrity Activism and 9/11: ‘A Simple Show of Unity.’” In War Isn’t Hell, It’s Entertainment: War in Modern Culture and Visual Media, edited by Rikke Schubart and Fabian Virchow, Tanja Thomas and Debra White-Stanley, 77-93. Jefferson, N.C.: McFarland Publishers, 2009.
  • “Making the Most Out of Fifteen Minutes: Reality TV’s Dispensable Celebrity,” Television & New Media, 9, 2 (March 2008), 87-110.
  • “Traversing Authenticities: President Bartlet and Activist Sheen?” In Politicotainment: Television’s Take on the Real, edited by Kristina Riegert, 181-211. New York: Peter Lang, 2007.

Andrew Fiss

Laura Kasson Fiss

  • “Out With It, as the Subeditor Said to the Novel: Wellerisms and the Humor of Excerption.”  Victorian Periodicals Review, vol. 40, no. 1, 2017, pp. 228-37. Read More
  • “The Idler’s Club: Humor and Sociability in the Age of New Journalism.”  Victorian Periodicals Review , vol. 49, no. 3, 2016, pp. 415-30  Read More
  • “Pushing at the Boundaries of the Book: Humor, Mediation and Distance in Carroll, Thackeray, and Stevenson.”   The Lion and the Unicorn 38, no. 3, 2014 pp. 258-278.
  • “‘This particularly rapid, unintelligible patter’: Patter songs and the word-music relationship.”  The Cambridge Companion to Gilbert and Sullivan. Ed. David Eden and Meinhard Saremba. Cambridge: Cambridge UP, 2009. 98-108.
  • Review of  Music & the British Military in the Long Nineteenth Century, by Trevor Herbert and Helen Barlow;  Music and Academia in Victorian Britain, by Rosemary Golding; and  Music and Institutions in Nineteenth-Century Britain, edited by Paul Rodmell.  Victorian Studies, vol. 58, no. 2, 2016, pp. 356-59.

Ramon A. Fonkoue

  • Book Chapter: “What is a Politics of Amnesia? Unsettled Memory and Elusive Nation in Cameroon”. Living Africanity: Identities, Performance, and Homelands in Africa and the African Diaspora, Cambria Press Inc., edited by Professor Toyin Falola and Dr Danielle Sanchez. Forthcoming.
  • “En attendant la nation à venir : essai sur l’imaginaire de l’Etat en Afrique”. Terroirs. Revue africaine de sciences sociales et de philosophie. Paris : Karthala, Spring 2015. In-print.
  • Fonkoue, R. A., Cheng, J. S. C. S., "“Primitivist Empathy”. Translation of Carlo Severi's 'L'empathie primitiviste '." Art in Translation (online). Claudia Heide, (Edinburgh College of Art, Edinburgh, March 2012), 4 (1). Read More
  • “De l’insularité à la globalité : subjectivité et discours humaniste chez Édouard Glissant”. Francophonies d’Amérique No 33, Spring 2013.
  • “Edouard Glissant face à l’histoire: de l’urgence «insulaire» à l’éthique du tout-monde”. L’urgence. Revue Ad hoc – No 2, Spring 2013, Rennes, France
  • “L’écriture antillaise et le procès de l’histoire: Pour une nouvelle grammaire de l’héroïsme.” Nouvelles Etudes Francophones, Vol. 28 No. 1 Spring 2013
  • “Rupture esthétique et dissidence: les enjeux de l’historiographie littéraire aux Antilles.” The French Review, Vol. 86. No 2, December 2012
  • “Voix de femmes et figures du mâl(e) en littérature francophone : Nicole Brossard et Maryse Condé.” Nouvelles Etudes Francophones, Vol. 25 No.1, Spring 2010

Stefka Hristova

  • Blue Screen of Death: disrupting transparent windows, composite media, and the aesthetics of continuity Read More
  • “Images as Data: Cultural Analytics and Aby Warburg’s Mnemosyne.” International Journal of Digital Art History, vol.2, October 2016. Read More
  • “Ruin, Rubble, and the Necropolitics of History.” Transformations, no. 28, September 19, 2016. Read More
  • "Recognizing Friend and Foe: Biometrics, Veridiction, and the Iraq War" Surveillance and Society. Vol 12, N4 (December 2014). Read More
  • “Visual Memes as Neutralizers of Political Dissent” TripleC Communication, Capitalism & Critique. Open Access Journal for a Global Sustainable Information Society. Special Issue on Critical Visual Theory. Vol 12. N. 1 (2014): 265-276. Read More
  • “’Doing a Lynndie’: Iconography of a Gesture” Visual Anthropology Journal 2013 26.5 (2013): 430-443. Read More
  • “Occupy Wall Street meets Occupy Iraq: On Remembering and Forgetting in a Digital Age” Radical History Review. Fall 3013. 2013(117): 83-97. Read More
  • “Digital Animalized Camouflage: A Zone of Biopolitical Indistinction” Interstitial: A Journal of Modern Culture and Events July 2013 Read More
  • “Life is Waiting:” Statehood, Temporality, and Mobility at The Terminal” Transnational Subjects Journal Vol 2. N. 1 (2012). Read More
  • "Abu Ghraib: A Ghostly Story” in Gender, Power, and Military Occupations: Asia Pacific and the Middle East since 1945. Eds. Christine de Matos and Rowena Ward. Routledge (March 2012). Read More
  • Slack, Jennifer D. and Hristova, Stefka. “Culture In-Colour.” Cultural Studies, July 2016. Read More

L. Syd M Johnson

  • Fenton, Andrew and Johnson, LSM. The ethics of non-human primate research. Impact Ethics. (online 04.05.2016) Read More
  • Johnson, LSM. Inference and inductive risk in disorders of consciousness. AJOB Neuroscience 2016; 7:1 (35-43)
  • Johnson, LSM, Partridge, B. and Gilbert, F. "Framing the debate: Concussion and mTBI." Neuroethics 2015; 8(1):1-4.
  • Rommelfanger, KS and Johnson, LSM. "What lies ahead for neuroethics scholarship and education in light of the Human Brain Projects?" AJOB Neuroscience 2015; 6(1):1-3.
  • Johnson, LSM. "A legal fiction with real consequences." American Journal of Bioethics 2014; 14(8):34-36
  • Johnson, LSM. "Abortion II: Ethical Perspectives," in Bioethics, Ed. Bruce Jennings. Vol. 1. 4th ed. Farmington Hills, MI: Macmillan Reference USA, 2014. p8-22
  • Johnson, LSM. "Breeders: A subclass of women?" by Center for Bioethics and Culture Network. IJFAB ( International Journal of Feminist Approaches to Bioethics) 2014; 7(2):248-253
  • Johnson, LSM. 2014. "Sport-related neurotrauma and neuroprotection: Are Return-to-Play protocols justified by paternalism?" Neuroethics. DOI: 10.1007/s12152-014-9213-4
  • Johnson, LSM. "Needed: More honesty about death before donation." Impact Ethics. (May 2014) Read More
  • Johnson, LSM. "A pathway to reducing concussions in youth hockey." Concussion Litigation Reporter 2014; 2(9)
  • Johnson, LSM. "A tragic death, and a fight for life." Impact Ethics. Read More
  • Johnson, L. Syd M., "Bioethicists as Public Advocates." Impact Ethics. (November 2013) Read More
  • “Can they suffer? The ethical priority of quality of life research in disorders of consciousness" in Bioethica Forum 2013; 6(4): 129-136.
  • "Abortion II: Contemporary Ethical and Legal Aspects: Ethical Perspectives" in Encyclopedia of Bioethics 4e. Ed. Jennings, Bruce. New York; Macmillan (in press).
  • (Co-authored with B Partridge) “Sports concussions and sandbagging” in Bioethics Forum. (2013). Read More
  • “Needed: Objective measures of subjective well-being” for NeuroEthics Women Leaders blog. (2013). Read More
  • “Stable value sets, psychological well-being, and the disability paradox: ramifications for assessing decision making capacity” in AJOB Neuroscience 2013; 4(4):24-25.
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  • Gilbert, F., Johnson, L. Syd M., "The Impact of American Tackle Football-Related Concussion in Youth Athletes" in AJOB Neuroscience 2011; 2 (4): 48-59.

Robert R. Johnson

  • Romancing the Atom: Nuclear Infatuation from the Radium Girls to Fukushima. Praeger Press, 2012
  • Johnson, Robert R. User-centered Technology: A Rhetorical Theory for Computers and Other Mundane Artifacts. Albany: State University of New York Press, 1998. Print.

Scott Marratto

  • Marratto, Scott. The Intercorporeal Self: Merleau-Ponty on Subjectivity. Albany, NY: State University of New York Press, 2012. Read More
  • Schmidt, Lawrence E., with Scott Marratto. The End of Ethics in a Technological Society. Montreal: McGill-Queens University Press, 2008. Read More
  • Marratto, Scott. “Russon’s Pharmacy: Desire, Philosophy, and the Ambiguity of ‘Mental Health.’” In Philosophical Apprenticeships: Contemporary Continental Philosophy in Canada, eds. Jay Lampert and Jason Robinson. University of Ottawa Press, 2009: 98-120.
  • Marratto, Scott. “‘This power to which we are vowed’: Ipseity and Language in Merleau-Ponty’s Phenomenology.” In Time, Memory, Institution: Merleau-Ponty’s New Ontology of Self, eds. Kym Mclaren and David Morris (under review, Ohio University Press).

Alexandra Morrison

  • “Rescuing Politics from Liberalism: Butler and Mouffe on Affectivity and the Place of Ethics” Forthcoming in Philosophy and Social Criticism (October 2017).
  • “The Voice of Ambiguity: Beauvoir’s Phenomenological and Literary Echoes” with Laura Zebuhr. Hypatia: Journal of Feminist Philosophy, Vol 30, no. 2 (418- 433, Spring, 2015)
  • “The Ruination of the Artwork” in The Proceedings of the 47th Annual Meeting of the Heidegger Circle 2013, Southern Connecticut State University
  • "Heidegger and the Finitude of the Work of Art," Studia Philosophiae Christianae, vol. 49 (2013), issue 4, pp. 155-179.
  • “Nicholson: Through Self-Loathing to Philosophy,” Philosophical Apprenticeships: Contemporary Continental Philosophy in Canada, eds. Lampert and Robinson. University of Ottawa Press, 82-89, 2009

Abraham Romney

  • Romney, Abraham and Karla Kitalong. “A Broad Spectrum of Multiliteracies: Toward an Integrated Approach to Multimodality and Multilingualism in Writing Centers.” Southern Discourse in the Center: A Journal of Multiliteracy and Innovation. 20.1 (2015): 10-30.
  • “‘By Inevitable Association’: Latin American Modernist Anti-Rhetoric and the Inescapable Figure of the Rhetorician.” Revista Latinoamericana de Retórica. 1.1(2013): 22-42.
  • “Indian Ability (auilidad de Indio) and Rhetoric’s Civilizing Narrative: Guaman Poma’s Contact with the Rhetorical Tradition.” College Composition and Communication. 63.1 (2011): 12-34.

Karla Saari Kitalong

  • Johnson, E. V., Kitalong, K. M., Gray, A. A., "Writing Across the Keweenaw: Imagining a Fusion of Educators in a Remote Rural Context", Community Literacy Journal. (July (3rd Quarter/Summer) 2012). (peer-reviewed/refereed) (Not Accepted)
  • Kitalong, K. M., "From Collision to Collaboration: A New Role for Project Evaluators in the Development of Interactive Media" in Higher Education, Emerging Technologies, and Community Partnerships: Concepts, Models, and Applications. Bowdon, M., Carpenter, R., (IGI Global, 2011),. (Published)
  • Kitalong, K. M., "From Collision to Collaboration: An Expanded Role for Project Evaluators in the Development of Interactive Media" in Higher Education, Emerging Technologies, and Community Partnerships: Concepts, Models, and Applications. Kitalong, K. M., (IGI Global, April (2nd Quarter/Spring) 2011), Chapter 25, 278-284. (Published)

Marika Seigel

  • The Rhetoric of Pregnancy (monograph). Chicago Press, 2014
  • Expecting: A Brief History of Pregnancy Advice (e-book). Chicago Press, 2014

Diane L. Shoos

  • Shoos, D. L., "Representing Domestic Violence: Ambivalence and Difference in What’s Love Got to Do With It" in Masculinity Lessons: Rethinking Men's and Women's Studies. James V. Catano and Daniel A. Novak, (Johns Hopkins University Press, Baltimore, Maryland 2011), Chapter 12, 222-240. (Published)

Jennifer Daryl Slack

  • Hall, Stuart, author; edited and introduction by Slack, Jennifer Daryl and Grossman, Lawrence. Cultural Studies 1983 A Theoretical History. Durham: Duke University Press., 2016. Print.
  • Slack, Jennifer Daryl, and J. Macgregor Wise. Culture and Technology: A Primer, Second Edition. New York: Peter Lang Publishing, Inc., 2015. Print. Read More
  • Slack, Jennifer Daryl, and J. Macgregor Wise. Culture and Technology: A Primer. New York: Peter Lang Publishing, Inc., 2005. Print.

Beatrice Quarshie Smith

  • Quarshie Smith, B (2012). Reading and writing in the global workplace: Gender, literacy and outsourcing in Ghana. Lanham, MD: Lexington Press. Read More

Erin Smith

  • Yoopera! Documentary w/ Suzanne Jurva Read More
  • Humanities Digital Media Zone Renovation

Patty Sotirin

  • Patty Sotirin (2016). Silencers: Governmentality, gender, and the ban on gun violence research. In Catherine Squires (Ed.), Dangerous Discourses: Feminism, Guns, Violence, & Civic Life. New York, NY: Peter Lang, 2016.
  • Sonia Goltz & Patty Sotirin, (2014). From academics to change agents in a gender equity initiative,” Organization Management Journal 11:3, 194-207. [Best Research Article Award of 2014 Runner Up, Organization Management Journal/Taylor & Francis Publishers]
  • Patty Sotirin (2013). Theories of organizational communication. In Linda L. Putnam and Dennis K. Mumby, Eds., Sage Handbook of Organizational Communication (pp. 19-25). Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage.
  • Patty Sotirin (2010). Autoethnographic mother-writing: Advocating radical specificity. Journal of Research Practice, 6(1), online. [Winner of the 2012 Norman K. Denzin Qualitative Research Award. Reprinted in Autoethnography (4 volume set). Editor Pat Sikes. Volume One: What It Is and Critiques and What It Can Do. Sage Benchmarks in Social Research Methods, 2013.]

Ronald Strickland

  • “Clint Eastwood’s Identity Politics.” In Becoming Brands: Celebrity, Activism and Politics, ed. Celia Lam and Jackie Raphael. Toronto: Waterhill Publishing, 2017, 70-82.
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Kette Thomas

  • Thomas, Kette. "Haitian Zombie, Myth, and Modern Identity." CLCWeb: Comparative Literature and Culture. 12. (2012). Web. ( Read More

Dana Van Kooy

  • Shelley's Radical Stages:Performance and Cultural Memory in the Post-Napoleonic Era. Routledge, 2016 Read More
  • "Darien Prospects in Keats's 'On First Looking into Chapman's Homer'" Keats-Shelley Review 29.2 (September 2015): 128-45. Read More
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  • “‘rank imposture’ and ‘mimic goblinry’ in Scott's Doom of Devorgoil: A Genre Politics of National Drama.” Literature Compass 4 (March 2007). Read More

Craig Waddell

  • And No Birds Sing: Rhetorical Analyses of Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring. Editor. Carbondale: Southern Illinois University Press, 2000. Read More
  • Landmark Essays on Rhetoric and the Environment. Editor. New York: Routledge, 1998. Read More
  • Basic Prose Style and Mechanics Read More