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The Rhetoric and Technical Communication (RTC) program at Michigan Technological University seeks to recruit the best graduate students from across the U.S. and abroad to join our community of scholars. We pride ourselves on having a top-notch program that is distinctive insofar as it is one of the only Rhetoric and Technical Communication graduate programs in the U.S. that is housed in a Humanities Department. 

Today’s challenging communication issues often require analysis from multiple disciplinary perspectives, and the RTC program draws on the diverse talents of a distinguished graduate faculty whose members’ research areas include communication, composition, culture, film, linguistics, literature, modern languages, new media, philosophy, rhetoric, technical communication, and technology. Our faculty work closely with students, encouraging them to think critically about important issues of communication and rhetoric, so they are prepared to adapt to and enhance an ever-changing world and workplace. This gives our program an unparalleled interdisciplinary character, which provides students with the opportunity to explore new and exciting areas of scholarship.

Degrees Offered

The Humanities Department offers three advanced degrees in Rhetoric & Technical Communication:

The PhD program prepares students for research and teaching in academic, corporate, and governmental settings.

The MS program, in addition to preparing students for further graduate work, provides education for technical communicators, consultants, trainers, and instructors.

The Peace Corps Master's International elective offers participants exciting opportunities to simultaneously serve in the Peace Corps and complete their degree. Additionally, graduate students may (some international students may be required to) take courses in the Intensive English as a Second Language Program.

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Graduate School at a Glance

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