Dana Van Kooy

Dana Van Kooy


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  • Director of English and Liberal Arts, Humanities
  • Assistant Professor, English in Transnational Literature, Literary Theory and Culture

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Research Interests

  • British and Global Romanticism
  • Visual and Performance Culture
  • Drama
  • Literary and Cultural Theory
  • Trans-Atlantic and Circum-Atlantic Studies
  • Scottish and Irish Literatures

Recent Publications

  • Shelley's Radical Stages:Performance and Cultural Memory in the Post-Napoleonic Era. Routledge, 2016 Read More
  • "Darien Prospects in Keats's 'On First Looking into Chapman's Homer'" Keats-Shelley Review 29.2 (September 2015): 128-45. Read More
  • “Melodramatic Slaves.” With Jeffrey N. Cox. Modern Drama 55.4 (Winter 2012): 459-75. Read More
  • “Darkness Visible: The Early Melodrama of British Imperialism and the Commodification of History in Sheridan’s Pizarro.” Theatre Journal 64(2012): 179-195. Read More
  • “Improvising on the Borders: Hellenism, History, and Tragedy in Shelley’s Hellas.” Home and Abroad: Transnational England, 1750-1850. Eds. Monika Class and Terry F. Robinson (Cambridge Scholar’s Press, 2009): 41-57.
  • “‘rank imposture’ and ‘mimic goblinry’ in Scott's Doom of Devorgoil: A Genre Politics of National Drama.” Literature Compass 4 (March 2007). Read More