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HUMANITIES at Michigan Tech engages in teaching and research across language, culture, and technology. Our scope is international, our approach interdisciplinary. We work at the intersections of communication, composition, literature, modern languages, philosophy, rhetoric, visual studies, linguistics, gender studies, and technical communication. Emerging areas of emphasis include media, global studies, and diversity. In learning and scholarship, students and faculty work to cultivate the whole human being. We help students develop the communicative, analytic, and cultural knowledge to thrive in all aspects of their future lives.

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L. Syd M Johnson

PhD, University at Albany, State University of New York


(906) 487-3232

Assistant Professor of Philosophy, Humanities

Dr. L. Syd M. Johnson's work in neuroethics and bioethics focuses on the ethical implications of developments in neuroscience, particularly those related to disorders of consciousness and traumatic brain injury. She is especially interested in issues of quality of life related to "halfway technologies" that can result in partial

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Jennifer Slack

Jennifer Daryl Slack

PhD, University of Illinois


(906) 487-3228

Professor of Communication and Cultural Studies, Humanities

Dr. Jennifer Daryl Slack's research focuses on the relationship between communication and culture and has both theoretical and practical components. Her research deals primarily with theoretical issues in cultural studies; technology and culture; environment and culture; creativity and

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Sue Collins

Sue Collins

PhD, New York University


(906) 487-3260

Associate Professor of Communication, Culture, & Media, Humanities

Dr. Sue Collins's research interests include media and cultural history, political economy of media industries and popular culture, and critical cultural policy studies. Her book, Calling All Stars: Hollywood, Cultural Labor, & the Politics of Authority During World War I, is under contract with Indiana University Press. The project