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HUMANITIES at Michigan Tech engages in teaching and research across language, culture, and technology. Our scope is international, our approach interdisciplinary. We work at the intersections of communication, composition, literature, modern languages, philosophy, rhetoric, visual studies, linguistics, gender studies, and technical communication. Emerging areas of emphasis include media, global studies, and diversity. In learning and scholarship, students and faculty work to cultivate the whole human being. We help students develop the communicative, analytic, and cultural knowledge to thrive in all aspects of their future lives.

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Diane Shoos

Diane L. Shoos

PhD, Ohio State University


(906) 487-3247

Associate Professor of Visual Studies and French Language, Humanities

Dr. Diane L. Shoos' research is in the area of the practice and theories of visual representation, including advertising, television, and, especially, cinema. Her scholarship focuses on the representation of women and the construction of female subjectivity in visual texts, the evolving formulations of sexual difference and masculinity in these texts, . . .

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Marika Seigel

Marika Seigel

PhD, Pennsylvania State University


(906) 487-3093

Associate Professor of Rhetoric and Technical Communication, Humanities

Dr. Marika Seigel’s scholarship explores intersections between rhetoric, technical communication, usability research, and feminist theory. Dr. Seigel has recently published two books from the University of Chicago Press: a scholarly monograph, The Rhetoric of Pregnancy, and a companion e-book, Expecting: A Brief History of Pregnancy Advice. Her work has also appeared in College Composition . . .

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Ron Strickland

Ronald Strickland

PhD, Syracuse University


(906) 487-2376

Department Chair, Humanities

Ron Strickland is the author and editor of essays, collections and journal issues on pedagogical and curricular issues in literary and cultural studies.  He is also the creator of a widely-viewed series of internet lectures on topics in literature and cultural theory.  His current research focuses on the institutional and . . .