Modern Languages

The Modern Language program at Michigan Tech is a vibrant and dynamic program, with energetic and enthusiastic instructors. Students wishing to take courses in modern languages at Michigan Tech have a choice of French, German, and Spanish. Currently, the Humanities Department offers Minors and Certificates in these three languages. Please refer to the course link below for more information. Besides taking classes, students enjoy a bubbling extra-curricular life with conversation hours, a Modern Language movie night series, cooking classes and other events.

Michigan Tech offers many opportunities for study abroad through International Programs and Services. To learn more, visit the Study Abroad website.

Students may satisfy the new general education global literacy requirement by successfully completing at least one 3000 level language class in French, German or Spanish.

Please click here for a list of 3000 level language classes that substitute for the present university graduation requirement of UN1025: Global Issues.

Modern Language Courses

Students may study French, German, and/or Spanish in courses covering a full four-year sequence. Hallmarks of our modern languages programs include

  • A focus on cultural, historical, social, and geographical perspectives at all levels;
  • Specialized discourses and topics, including literary, social, economic, scientific, engineering, or business; and
  • Fourth year advanced seminars in literature and film.

For a complete list of all undergraduate Humanities courses, including language, please see the Humanities Course Catalog.


The placement test is free of charge to students. Placement tests are limited to one test per student.

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