Proposal 19-15

The University Senate of Michigan Technological University

Proposal 19-15
(Voting Units: Academic) 

“Amending Senate Policy 102.1: Policy on Class Attendance”

PDF Version of Proposal 19-15

I. Introduction

Senate Policy 102.1 Policy on Class Attendance indicates that, “Students with an excused absence will be allowed to make up missing assignments or equivalent work.”

Strict adherence to this policy – in particular, the restriction to “make up” work, which implies a due date after that of the original assignment – may cause unnecessary complications for instructors. For example, if an instructor posts solutions to in-class assignments on Canvas prior to the next class, the instructor would have to create equivalent alternative assignments for students with excused absences. A simpler solution, not encompassed in the current policy, could be to require such students to complete alternative work before the absence. 

II. Proposal

The sentence “Students with an excused absence will be allowed to make up missing assignments or equivalent work,” in Senate Policy 102.1 is to be amended to read as follows:

“Students with an excused absence shall be allowed to earn full credit for missing assignments by performing equivalent work, as long as it is deemed the instructor deems  that the learning objectives of the course can still be met.  Where this is in question, it should be determined in conversation between the student and the instructor, if necessary in consultation with the Dean of Students.  This conversation should happen as soon as possible.  The substance of the equivalent work and the deadline for its completion shall be determined by the instructor.”

This change should also be made in Section 3.2.10 of the Tenured/Tenure-Track Faculty Handbook

Introduced to Senate: December 10, 2014
Friendly Amendment (in red): January 21, 2015
Approved by Senate with Amendment: January 21, 2015
Approved by Administration: January 30, 2015