Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Retired Employees Association FAQ


How do I become a member?

Once you retire from Michigan Tech, you're automatically considered a member of the Michigan Tech Retired Employees Association.  There are no dues, fees, or costs, but there are many benefits.


What does the Michigan Tech Retired Employees Association do?

The Michigan Tech Retired Employees Association was founded in 2014 with the mission to promote and nurture mutually beneficial relationships between the campus and its retired faculty, staff, and administrators.

More specifically, we endeavor to provide connections between the University and its retirees which encourage positive participation in collegial life and opportunities for contributions and service to the University and campus community.


How do I reconnect with a former colleague/student?

Our privacy policy regarding personal information restricts us from releasing contact information directly to individuals, but we are always happy to help you.  Just contact the Alumni Relations office by calling 1-906-487-2400, toll free at 1-877-688-2586 or email


Can I keep my email address?

Absolutely!  Just continue to use it.  Occasionally email addresses are deactivated if they are not used for an extended period of time, but reactivation is just a phone call away.  Simply call the Alumni Association at 906.487.2400 or toll-free at 877-688-2586 and explain that you need your account reactivated.


How can I update my personal information with Michigan Tech?

Update your personal contact and employment information by simply going to the Employee Update Information page.


How does the University use my personal information?

We consider your privacy to be of the utmost importance therefore all contact information (including mailing and email addresses and telephone numbers) is held in the strictest confidence by Michigan Technological University.

Michigan Technological University, the Alumni Association, and the Michigan Tech Fund occasionally contact retired employees by mail, email and phone with information on events, services, and opportunities to support the university. For example, the Michigan Tech Magazine, Research, TechAlum and a variety of college and department communications are distributed to Michigan Tech alumni and friends.

Please review our Privacy policy to learn more.


Where can I park when I visit campus?

Read the Full Retiree Parking Policy

Emeriti Faculty:

Emeriti faculty have free parking privileges in Lot 27, which is the pay lot off US 41 by the MUB entrance, subject to availability. A parking permit (hang tag) is required, which can be picked up at Transportation Services, 100 Administration Building. A current Tech ID card will also be necessary, and they are available at the VanPelt Library IT help desk.

Metered parking is also available between 7 am and 4 pm, Monday through Friday.

All Other Retired Employees:

Metered parking is available for a fee between 7 am and 4 pm, Monday through Friday.

Visitor Lot 27 is available for a fee of $3.00 per entrance.

Lot 22 at the Student Development Complex has 3-hour free parking between 7 am and 4 pm, Monday through Friday, after 4 pm on weekdays, and anytime on weekends, subject to special events.

Visitor permits are available in daily ($5), weekly ($15), and monthly ($25) increments. They allow parking in all open metered spaces and visitor lots exclusive of Lot 27. Visitor permits can be purchased at Transportation Services, 100 Administration Building, or can be purchased online and printed from any printer.

Please read the Full Retiree Parking Policy for more information.