Michigan Tech Retired Employees

Michigan Tech Retirees

This page is in recognition of all the contributions the former employees of Michigan Tech made in educating the students who passed through our halls.

We have been as diligent as we could be to insure the accuracy of this list. If you are aware of errors or omissions in the list, please contact our webmaster so corrections can be made.

Membership Roster

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Retiree Department or Title Retired
Christine M. Abramson Departmental Coordinator - Chemical Engineering 2015
Jean E. Abramson Sr. Operator Dispatcher - Public Safety & Police Services 1998
John H. Adler Professor, Biological Sciences 2010
Michael L. Agin Professor Emeritus of Science Education 1991
Gary P. Agin Professor Emeritus - Physics 2008
Irma L. Aho Administrative Asst - Dean of Students 2000
Paul E. Aho Lecturer/Dir CETC 2006
Brian D. Aho Athletic/Rec Facility Operations 2015
Jon W. Ahola Director, Public Safety 2009
Elias C. Aifantis Professor Emeritus/Engrg 2004
Kenneth O. Alexander Professor Emeritus Econ, Business & Engrg Admin 1999
George R. Alger Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering 2002
Bernard D. Alkire Professor Emeritus - Civil & Environmental Engineering 2011
Stuart C. Allen Associate Professor Emeritus Mechanical Engrg 1999
John A. C. Allison Associate Professor Emeritus Chemistry 1984
Jean A. Anderson Associate Professor Emeritus of Mechanical Engineering 1983
Walter T. Anderson P.E. Director & Professor Emeritus Electrical Engrg 1988
Donald A. Anderson Facilities Management 1998
Clifford A. Anderson Institutional Analysis 1999
Howard B. Anderson Professor Emeritus Mathematics 1999
Ted L. Anderson Lecturer, Electrical Engineering 2017
Virginia F. Anderson Assistant Manager-Res Hall Dining Svcs 2001
George W. Anderson Grounds, Physical Plant 2010
Christine S. Anderson Special Asst to the President 2013
Carl L. Anderson Associate Dean/Professor Emeritus - Mech Engrg - Engrg Mechs 2014
Michael R. Andreini Food Service Utility 2009
Clayton D. Antilla Facilities Management 2010
Freydoon Arbabi Professor Emeritus-Civil & Environ Engrg 2001
Gregory L. Archambeau Building Attendant-Building Operations 2001
Oner Arici Professor Emeritus - ME-EM 2005
Donna L. Armistead Office Assistant 5 2014
Jack O. Arvo Building Operations Foreman - Maintenance Department 1992
Carlo J. Asiala Data not available 1999
Patricia A. Asselin Department Coordinator, Biological Sciences 2017
Beverly L. Auel Office Assistant 5 2010
Dr. Martin T. Auer Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering 2017
Dr. Nancy A. Auer Professor Emerita, Biological Sciences 2017
Michael Augustine Auxiliaries 2004
Alphonse H. Baartmans Department Chair - Mathematical Sciences 2006
Beverly J. Baartmans Professor Mathematical Sciences 2006
Ramona K. Backman Asst Director Rozsa Ctr for Performing Arts 2007
Lloyal O. Bacon Professor Emeritus Geophysics 1978
Elizabeth M. Badke Library Assistant 6 Van Pelt and Opie Library 2012
Susan T. Bagley Professor Emerita - Biological Sciences 2013
George E. Bahrman Professor Emeritus Mathematics 1983
C. Robert Baillod Professor Emeritus Civil & Environmental Engineering 2007
Keith M. Baldwin Associate Professor Emeritus Physics 1984
Bradley H. Baltensperger Department Chair, Cognitive and Learning Sciences 2014
Dennis A. Baril Training Specialist Sch Forest Resources & Environ Sci 2003
Dorothy L. Baril Purchasing Assistant 2003
Terrance J. Baril Carpenter, Facilities Management 2007
David J. Barkell Custodian 2009
Bruce A. Barna Professor Emeritus, Chemical Engineering 2008
Jane Barstow Data not available 1999
Priscilla J. Bates Cook - Dining Services 2001
Dallas K. Bates Professor Emeritus - Chemistry 2013
Richard Bayer Professor Emeritus Mechanical Engineering 1983
William R. Bayles Maintenance Mech Facilities Management 2009
Maj. Kerry L. Beaghan Professor of Aerospace Studies 2011
James E. Beauchamp Custodian, Facilities Management 2010
Gino L. Becia Trades Supervisor-Building Maintenance 1997
Dr. Donald R. Beck Professor Emeritus, Physics 2016
J. Phillip Beckwith Professor Emeritus Mathematical Sciences 2008
Mary Ann Beckwith Professor Emerita, Visual and Performing Arts 2012
Donna M. Beels Lieutenant, Department of Public Safety 2017
Eunice N. Behreandt Secretary 2009
Dorthey L. Behrend Asst Dir Annual Giving 2009
Carolyn S. Belanger Data not available Unknown
Jane F. Berner Sr Systems Analyst 2000
Myron G. Berry Professor Emeritus Chemistry 1984
Barbara S. Bertram Professor Emerita, Mathematical Sciences 2007
Suzanne J. Beske-Diehl Professor Emerita - Geological & Mining Eng & Sciences 2011
Pamela L. Besmer Secretary 2004
David R. Bezotte Librarian Van Pelt and Opie Library 2011
Suryaji R. Bhonsle Associate Professor Mechanical Engrg-Engrg Mechanics 1997
Darlene F. Biekkola Food Service Helper, Dining Services 2007
Juergen Bierbrauer Professor Emeritus - Mathematical Sciences 2015
Linda S. Bilich Financial Associate 2016
Robert T. Bingham Maintenance Engr-Information Technology 2001
Amanda M. Binoniemi Ref/Instruction Librarian 2013
Miss. Ethel M. Bishop Data not available Unknown
Richard B. Blanning Associate Professor Emeritus - Fine Arts 2005
Jean L. Blanning Coord Gen Scs & Arts 2008
Debra A. Blom Office Assistant 5, Residence Life 2006
Robert H. Bohnsack Lecturer, Electrical and Computer Engineering 2003
Andre A. Bonen Director Safety & Compliance - Business Operations 2014
Sandra M. Boschetto-Sandoval Associate Professor Emerita - Humanities 2014
Eric Bourdo Forestry Unknown
Phyllis O. Boutilier Assoc Professor Emeritus Mathematics 1999
Helen A. Bowden Data not available Unknown
James E. Boyce Professor Emeritus, Business & Engrg Admin 1999
Hugh E. Boyer Assistant Professor, Social Sciences 2012
Marianne A. Brokaw Managing Editor 2001
Alan J. Brokaw Professor Emeritus, School of Business & Economics 2009
Robert T. Brown Professor Emeritus Botany 1999
Marlene J. Brown Secretary 3, Center for Teaching and Learning 2006
Richard E. Brown Professor Emeritus - Chemistry 2006
Debra L. Bruch Associate Professor, Visual and Performing Arts 2013
Douglas B. Brumm Professor Emeritus-Electrical & Computer Engineering 2000
Clifton J. Brusso Central Energy Plant Operator, Facilities Management 2017
Paul R. Buda Professor Emeritus, School of Technology 2017
Mary E. Burgan Mechanical Engrg-Engrg Mechanics 2000
Gertrude E. Butkonen Executive Secretary - COE Dean Office 1983
George R. Butler Prof Emeritus-Business/Engrg Admin 1999
Thomas D. Butler Systems Specialist, UMC 2005
Paul J. Bylkas Building Attendant, Facilities Management 2010
Harold A. Byykkonen Equipment Operator III, Facilities Management 2005
Wilbur H. Campbell Professor Emeritus, Biological Sciences 2003
Paul D. Campbell Building Attendant, Facilities Management 2005
James T. Campioni Baker III-Res Hall Dining Svcs 1999
Gerald C. Carlson Stores Clerk-Res Hall Dining Svcs 1997
Margaret E. Carlson Library 1998
Eunice C. Carlson Professor Emerita, Biological Sciences 2011
Bernard W. Carr Professor Emeritus - School of Technology 2003
James R. Carstens Professor Emeritus School of Technology 2001
Sandra K. Carstens Sr Specialized Clerk-Registrar 2001
Helen M. Caspary Data not available 2012
David Caspary Mgr Laboratory Facilities - Chemical Engineering 2015
Anne K. Chambers Library Assistant 5, Van Pelt and Opie Library 2013
William B. Chapel PhD Lecturer 2003
Karen L. Chapin Administrative Aide, Forestry 2010
Claire G. Chaput Social Sciences 1994
Glen A. Chaput Building Mechanic II, Housing - Facilities 2011
Betty A. Chavis Director/Outreach/MultiEthnic 2008
Ingrid E. Cheney Director of Benefits 2008
David J. Chesney Associate Professor, Chemistry 2013
Edward C. Chiang Professor Emeritus Mechanical Engineering 1995
David F. Chimino Presidential Professor Emeritus Physics 1999
Tsin Lien Chou Professor of Mechanical Engineering 1977
Rebecca L. Christianson Director Work Life Connections 2013
Nels S. Christopherson Professor Emeritus - Mechanical Engineering 2010
Joan L. Ciucci Cook-Res Hall Dining Svcs 2001
Dorothy A. Clairmont Custodian 2010
John R. Clark Professor Emeritus Electrical Engineering 1984
Steven J. Clark Telecommunications Engr I 2015
Michael D. Clawson Purchasing Manager 2014
Terrence G. Clouthier Building Mechanic II, Facilities Management 2011
Samuel W. Coates Associate Professor Emeritus, School of Technology 2012
Terrance R. Collette Business Mgr 2006
Naomi C. Collins Ford Center 1996
Timothy H. Collins P.E. Professor & Dean Emeritus - School of Technology 2003
David H. Cook Master Machinist, Physics 2005
Marilyn M. Cooper Professor Emerita, Humanities 2013
Bahne C. Cornilsen Professor - Chemistry 2015
Darlene F. Corrigan Custodian, Facilities Management 2012
Edwin E. Corrigan Housing Facilities Manager 2014
Verdie T. Cox Professor Emeritus Physical Education 1999
Chris A. Crouch Sergeant, Public Safety 2016
Daniel Crowl Professor Emeritus - Chemical Engineering 2014
C. Richard Crowther Professor Emeritus Forestry 1984
William J. Curnow Executive Director, Human Resources 2004
Larry J. Curtin Asst Mgr Game Room/Maint, Memorial Union 2001
Gale G. Curtis Building Mechanic, Housing - Facilities 2008
Kenneth D. Cygan Asst Res Engr 2001
Donald A. Daavettila Professor Emeritus-Physics 2000
Janet A. Dalquist Van Pelt and Opie Library 1994
Jean M. Dalrymple Associate Professor Emeritus Engrg Mech 1999
Prof. Carl W. Danielson, Jr. Professor - Forestry 1980
Donald C. Darcy Data not available Unknown
Carl H. Dassbach Associate Professor, Social Sciences 2012
Donald E. Dawson Professor Emeritus Engrg Mech & Mathematics 1983
Gladys Q. Dawson Associate Professor Emerita Chemistry 1999
Michael J. Decaesari Bookstore Specialist 2004
Marian Decaesari Dining Services 2013
Raymond F. Decker Vice President for Research and Corporate Relations 2003
Marcia L. Deephouse Magazine Editor 2014
Carmen L. DelliQuadri Professor Emeritus 1998
Marie S. Dennis Data not available 2000
Joann E. DeRoche Library Assistant 5, Van Pelt and Opie Library 2013
Susan C. DesRochers Library Project Mgr, Van Pelt and Opie Library 2007
Edward J. Dessellier Building Mechanic II, Facilities Management 2012
Bernard C. Destrampe Building Attendant-Building Operations 1997
Jimmy F. Diehl Faculty Emeritus - Geological & Mining Eng & Sciences 2011
Gerald P. Dion Manager Laboratory Facilities 2010
Charles J. Dlubala Building Attendant, Facilities Management 2010
Richard P. Donovan Operations Mgr/Sr Rsch Engr 2013
Vernon P. Dorweiler Professor Emeritus School of Business and Economics 2003
Joan D. Dostaler Sr Specialized Clerk/Student Records & Reg 2004
James P. Dougovito Training Specialist 2001
Dawn L. Doyle Administrative Aide, Recreation Programs 2008
Richard M. Drenovsky Office of Student Affairs & Advance 1994
Michael D. Dube Equipment Operator II, Facilities Management 2013
Mary A. Dunstan Wadsworth Food Service 1996
Anthony D. DuPuis Sr Research Accountant, Sponsored Programs 2006
Donald A. Durfee Project Coordinator - Social Sciences 2015
Dr. Mary H. Durfee Associate Professor, Social Sciences 2016
Lisa A. Dwyer Departmental Coordinator, Social Sciences 2006
Stanley J. Dyl II Director Advancement & Plan 2008
David Eakin Facilities Management 1998
Phillip Eggerding Mine Safety Trainer 2016
Glenn P. Ekdahl Housing Fac Mgr, Security 2011
John J. Elenich Chief Information Officer 1998
Hassan S. ElKhadem Professor Emeritus Chemistry 1999
Thomas G. Ellis Associate Professor Chemical Engineering 1998
Dorothy G. Ellis Chemistry 2001
Richard E. ElRite Associate Professor Emeritus Physical Education 1999
John P. Engel Purchasing Manager, Financial Services and Operations 2001
Robert D. Erickson Custodian 2009
Rita T. Erkkila Cooks Helper, Dining Services 2009
Anne F. Erlebach Professor Emerita Humanities 2002
Lee W. Erlebach Associate Professor Emeritus, Mathematical Sciences 2010
Brenda K. Ervast Food Service Helper Dining Services 2002
Harold A. Evensen Assoc Chair/Dir Undergrad St 2006
Lawrence W. Evers Professor, Mechanical Engrg-Engrg Mechanics 2003
Mary A. Ewert Sr Clerk, Geological & Mining Eng & Sciences 1999
Robert J. Farrell Engineer/Scientist, Materials Science and Engineering 1995
Martin J. Feira Dir-Business Opers/Bursar 1991
Dominic Feira Data not available 2000
Kathleen E. Felix Custodian, Facilities Management 2011
Debby E. Filer Lecturer-Biological Sciences 2003
Robert F. Filer Associate Professor - School of Technology 2003
Kathleen M. Finni Administrative Aide, School of Technology 2003
David A. Finzel Maintenance Engr 2004
Edward R. Fisher Professor Emeritus 2002
Elizabeth A. Flynn Professor Emerita, Humanities 2013
Wilfred A. Fordon Data not available 2012
Judith L. Foreman Bookstore Specialist 2012
John E. Forsberg Controller 1983
Debra L. Forsell Sr Staff Assistant, Dean of Students Office 2006
Stephen F. Forsell Asst Engineer/Scient 2010
Cathy Forsman Office Assistant 5 2014
Ernest F. Fraki Housing - Facilities 1995
William P. Francis Professor Emeritus Mathematical Sciences 2005
Gordon E. Frantti Professor Emeritus Geology 1999
W.E. Ed Frayer Dean Emeritus-Sch of Forestry & Wood Products 2001
Henry E. Fredd Data not available Unknown
Louis H. Fredianelli Lieutenant 2001
Randall R. Freisinger Professor Emeritus - Humanities 2009
Wilfred L. Freyberger Professor Emeritus Metallurgical Engrg 1999
W. William Funkenbusch Professor Emeritus Mathematics 1996
Judy M. Fynewever Senior Lecturer, Kinesiology/Integrative Physiology 2013
Melvin H. Gades Data not available 2005
Elizabeth A. Gaff Staff Assistant, Career Services 2003
Shirley L. Gagnon Associate Registrar 2006
John J. Gagnon Writer, UMC 2007
John G. Gagnon Promotional Writer 2012
Bonita A. Gagnon Finance Coord & Office Mgr - Grad School 2014
Nancy E. Gagnon Administrative Aide 8 2016
Calvin W. Gale Dean & Professor Emeritus Special Acad/Education 1989
James R. Gale Professor Emeritus - School of Business & Economics 2008
Margaret R. Gale Dean Emerita - School of Forest Res and Env Sciences 2012
Joseph A. Galetto Executive Director Career Center 2000
Francis R. Gariepy Telecommunications Engr II 2013
Hereford Garland Forestry Unknown
James D. Gentry Building Mechanic, Facilities Management 2010
Diana L. George Professor Emeritus - Humanities 2005
Diane M. Gertcher Dining Services Unknown
Aubrey W. Gibson Associate Professor Emeritus Mechanical Engrg 1999
Phyllis M. Gildersleeve Instructor 1999
James M. Gillis Director of Mine Safety 2017
Glenda E. Gill Professor, Humanities 2006
Michael J. Gilpin Professor Emeritus - Mathematical Sciences 2006
Robert J. Gilreath Telecommunications Engineer II 2016
Robert F. Ginn Data not available Unknown
Clark R. Givens Professor Emeritus, Mathematical Sciences 2012
Janice M. Glime Professor Emerita, Biological Sciences 2008
Ashok K. Goel Associate Professor Emeritus, Electrical and Computer Engineering 2014
Richard M. Goldstein Associate Professor-Fine Arts 2001
John R. Gooch Data not available Unknown
Raymond Allen Good Professor - History/Geography 1969
Raymond Allen Good History/Geography 1969
Mangalam R. Gopal Professor Emeritus Mathematical Sciences 2003
Walter M. Gorr Jr Custodian, Facilities Management 2013
Patricia A. Gotschalk Associate Dean of Students 2013
Virginia A. Gougeon Assistant Registrar 2001
Kathleen A. Goulette Administrative Assistant, Mechanical Engineering-Engineering Mechanics 2017
Wayne D. Goulette Cook, Memorial Union 2005
Susan K. Graff Custodian, Facilities Management 2010
Gregory A. Graman Associate Professor Emeritus - School of Business and Economics 2015
Ronald K. Gratz Professor Emeritus - Biological Sciences 2011
Jerome J. Greenleaf Cook 2006
Cathy D. Greer Library Assistant 4 2012
Rudolf E. Greuer Professor Emeritus Mining Engineering 1998
Nancy M. Grimm Professor Emerita, Humanities/Dir Writing Ctr 2012
Thomas R. Grimm Professor Emeritus, Mechanical Engineering 2013
Karen Groesbeck International Programs and Services 2004
Emil H. Groth Research Assistant - College of Engineering 2015
Mina C. Grudnoski Asst to the Dean, Grad Svcs 2003
Theodore A. Grzelak P.E. Professor Emeritus-Electrical & Computer Engrg 2001
Rodney F. Guilbault Lieutenant - Public Safety and Police Services 2011
Wilson M. Gulick Jr Professor Emeritus-Chemistry 2001
V. Fred Gunnell Director & International Service 1991
Andrew Lee Gustafson Custodian 2012
Wilbur M. Haas Professor Emeritus Civil & Environ Engrg 1994
Robert Hagen Professor of Mechanical Engineering 1973
Peter W. Hahn Custodian 2013
Paul E. Hainault Professor of Mechanical Engineering 1988
Gretchen Hainault Financial Services & Operations 1999
James M. Hainault Assoc Dir of Sports & Rec 2010
Robert D. Hale Regional Admissions Manager 2010
David T. Halkola Professor Emeritus Social Sciences 1999
William B. Hall Assoc Dir Res Dining Crd Purch 2013
Raymond M. Halonen Professor Emeritus-Mech Engrg-Engrg Mech 2000
Charles Edwin Haltenhoff Distinguished Lecturer Emeritus Civil & Environ Engrg 1999
Allan R. Hambley Professor 2001
Irene Hamel Data not available Unknown
Dale L. Hanes Assistant Manager - Athletic/Rec Facility Operations 1996
Frederick Hannon Facilities Management 1998
Robert C. Hansen Computer Operations Supervisor - Information Technology 2014
Martha Banks Harding Sponsored Educational Programs 2005
Wesley S. Harjala Assoc Prof - Mech Engrg & Engrg Mechs Dept 1999
Michael L. Harsh Custodian - Housing Facilities 2014
Robert Hauswirth Athletic/Rec Facility Operations 1995
Hubert C. Hautala Jr Custodian 2014
Herbert Hawn Professor of Mechanical Engineering 1975
June Hawthorne Van Pelt and Opie Library 1994
Richard W. Heckel Research Prof-Metals & Materials Engrg 1999
Nancy E. Heikkila Supvr Mail Svcs-University Mail Services 2001
Paul W. Heikkinen Building Mechanic II 2012
James B. Heikkinen Mgr Plan/Engrg & Constr 2014
Raymond Heikkinen Data not available Unknown
Charles E. Hein Assistant Professor Emeritus Surveying School of Technology 1995
Helen Heinonen Administrative Aide-Electrical Engrg 2001
Lloyd A. Heldt Professor Emeritus-Materials Sci & Engrg 2002
Angus Hellawell Professor Emeritus Met & Mat Engrg 1998
Gordon A. Hellman P.E. Professor Emeritus-Mech Engineering/Director-Physical Plant 1984
Ronald P. Helman Vice President of Advancement 1996
Brenda Helminen Information Technology 2012
Joan Hembroff Housing - Facilities 2006
Michael F. Hendricks Dir Inst Sys Dev & Analysi, Vice President for Research 2017
Alfred A. Hendrickson Professor Emeritus-Metallurgical Engrg 1996
Elaine Hendrickson Aerospace Studies (Air Force ROTC) 2009
David W. Hendrickson Custodian 2010
William J. Hendrickson Energy Mgt Shift Oper 2010
Sandra Henkel Center for Diversity & Inclusion 2007
Janice R. Henkel Scholarship Coordinator 2013
Richard L. Hennessy Associate Professor Emeritus Civil Engrg 1999
Leonard J. Hepfer Metallurgist 2007
Neil E. Hermanson Operations/Facilities Spvr 2011
Frank R. Herveat Data not available 2004
Gene A. Hesterberg Professor Emeritus Forestry 1999
Konrad J. Heuvers Professor Emeritus - Mathematical Sciences 2007
Darrell Hicks Mathematical Sciences 2002
John W. Hilgers Professor Emeritus, Mathematical Sciences 2007
A. Spencer Hill Professor Emeritus Social Sciences 1999
Laila Hill Data not available Unknown
Judy A. Hilss Certification Officer 2016
Helene T. Hiner Digital Measures Coordinator, Provost and VP for Acad Affairs 2017
Paul R. Hinzmann Associate Professor Emeritus Physics 1999
A. Kimberly Hoagland Professor Emerita - Social Sciences 2009
William A. Hockings Asst Prof Mineral Res/Asst Director Inst of Mineral Research 1983
Virginia L. Hockings Research Mineralogist 1994
Dr. Ralph J. Hodek, PE Associate Professor Emeritus, Civil and Environmental Engineering 2017
James R. Hoel Systems Engineer II 2011
Allan Hoffman Public Safety & Police Services 2013
Jack C. Holland Professor Emeritus Biological Sciences 1999
Christine A. Holland Library Assistant 6 2011
Edward G. Hongisto Data not available 1996
David R. Hongisto Equipment Operator III 2003
Ralph S. Horvath Professor Emeritus-Electrical & Computer Engineering 2000
John Hosang Univ Marketing & Communications 1995
Thomas F. Hruby Executive Secretary Alumni Association 1999
Eugene Y. Huang P.E. Professor Emeritus Transportation Engrg 1999
Kathleen A. Huber Staff Assistant 2004
Phillip Huber Information Technology 2011
Hubert L. Hunzeker Professor Emeritus Mathematics 1999
Neil J. Hutzler Professor Emeritus, Civil and Environmental Engineering 2012
Charles Isaacson Chief Information Officer 1999
Allyson M. Jabusch Department Coordinator, Computer Science 2013
Graham A. Jaehnig Data not available Unknown
Karen L. Jakovic Cook, Dining Services 2016
John W. Jamar Asst Professor 1999
Anil B. Jambekar Professor Emeritus - Operations Management, School of Business and Economics 2007
Dr. Gopal Jayaraman Professor Emeritus, Mechanical Engineering-Engineering Mechanics 2017
Carol Janisse Innovation & Industry Engagement 2013
Robert A. Janke Associate Professor Emeritus Biological Sciences 2010
Martha Y. Janners Professor Emerita, Biological Sciences 2008
Cindy Jarvey Facilities Management 2010
David Jarvi Facilities Management 2007
John W. Jobst II Professor Emeritus 2003
Jean Joffee Data not available Unknown
Clara L. Johnson Dining Services 1995
Shirley A. Johnson Food Svc Helper-Res Hall Dining Svcs 1997
Mary Ann Johnson Civil & Environmental Engineering 1998
K. Ross Johnson Professor Emeritus Electrical Engrg 1999
Vernon W. Johnson Professor Emeritus Forestry 1999
Allan M. Johnson Associate Professor Emeritus-Mining Engrg 2000
Nancy Johnson School of Business and Economics 2000
John H. Johnson Presidential Professor Emeritus-Mech Engrg-Engrg Mech 2001
Mark T. Johnson General Manager, Merchandising Ops 2016
Patricia M. Johnson Secretary Military Science Army ROTC 2003
Phyllis H. Johnson Univ Librn/Director Library 2008
Carol Johnson Humanities 2009
Audrey L. Johnson Sr Operator Dispatcher 2014
Eddie J. Johnson Administrative Aide 2014
Douglas R. Jones Sergeant, Public Safety 2016
B. Patrick Joyce Professor Emeritus - School of Business & Economics 2012
Brian Joyce School of Business and Economics 2012
Gloria A. Judnich Food Svc Helper-Res Hall Dining Svcs 1997
Matt R. Jukkala Stores Clerk 2006
Larry M. Julien Associate Professor Emeritus Chemistry 2000
Clarice W. Julio Physics Department 1994
Clifford Junttonen Facilities Management 2001
Kenneth J. Junttonen Energy Mgt Shift Oper 2008
Donald W. Juntunen Building Mechanic-Student Devel Complex 1999
Rosella Juntunen Institutional Equity 2013
Mary F. Jurgensen Scheduling Coordinator 2003
Janet Kaarto Corporate Partnerships 1998
Donald R. Kahila Data not available 1984
Donald Kalcich Facilities Management 2000
Jorma Kalliokoski Professor Emeritus Geology 1999
George Kargela Facilities Management 1998
Carlo W. Karkkainen Sr Research Engineer-Institute of Mineral Research 1994
Angela F. Karry Data not available 2004
Sherry Kauppi Institutional Equity 2011
Raymond W. Kauppila, P.E. Professor Emeritus Mechanical Engrg 1999
James Kaura Facilities Management 2012
Theodore H. Kearly Professor Emeritus Physical Education 1999
John Keck Human Resources 1993
Rolland O. Keeling Jr Professor Emeritus - Physics 1985
Margaret Kekko Data not available Unknown
Marie A. Kellan Mktg Support Specialist-Student Marketing 1999
Thomas L. Kelley Professor Emeritus-School of Technology 2001
Alvin Kempainen Facilities Management 1998
John H. Kemppainen Energy Management Asst 2010
David H. Kenny Associate Professor Emeritus Chemistry 1999
David J. Kent Database Administrator, Information Technology 2017
James H. Kerr Assoc Dir for Trans Admissions 2002
Jane Kiiskila Facilities Management 1995
John M. Killmar Sr Director of Housing 2006
Mark Kilpela Electrical and Computer Engineering 2011
Paul Kilpela Mechanical Engrg-Engrg Mechanics 2013
Nam Kim Chemical Engineering 2006
George Kinnunen Data not available Unknown
Joseph B. Kirkish Professor Emeritus Humanities 1999
William Klein Facilities Management 2003
R. Eugene Klippel Dean Emeritus - School of Business and Economics 2016
Suzanne Knott Sch Forest Resources & Environ Sci 2009
Janet Knuuttila Dining Services 1995
Edward J. Koepel VP & Associate Professor Emeritus Oper & Finan/Met Engrg 1999
Kathryn H. Kokkila Accounting Services 1999
Robert W. Kolkka † Associate Professor Emeritus, Mathematical Sciences 2014
John Komula Data not available Unknown
Lorraine H. Konosky Mgr Gift Planning Admin 2011
Linda K. Korpela Advancement, Major Donor Outreach 2017
Orval F. Korpela Department Secretary - Forestry 2007
Jacquelyn Koskela Dining Services 1997
Gail K. Koskela Supvr Data Entry-Human Resources 2001
Paul I. Koski Associate Professor Emeritus 1999
Corinne A. Koski Food Svc Helper-Res Hall Dining Svcs 2001
Clark Koski Housing and Residential Life 2016
Marie H. Kotila Data not available Unknown
Mary Kowacic Data not available 2014
Kenneth J. Kraft Associate Professor Emeritus For/Wood Prods & Bio Sci 1996
Robert Kraft Facilities Management 2000
Ruth Kramer Materials Science and Engineering 2014
Donna Krapu Dining Services 2013
H. Robert Krear, Ph.D. Data not available Unknown
Harry Krear Data not available Unknown
Michael V. Krenitsky Library Director Emeritus 1999
Gordon P. Krueger Dean Emeritus Engrg/Professor Emeritus Civil/Wood Engrg 1999
David C. Krym Library Specialist-J R Van Pelt Library 2000
Anand K. Kulkarni Professor Emeritus Electrical & Computer Engineering 2010
Beverly Kunick Civil & Environmental Engineering 2002
Nancy M. Kupari Storekeeper 2003
Michael L. Labeau Academic Advisor/Lab Coordinator - Biomedical Engineering 2015
Virginia V. LaCasse Library Assistant 6 - J R Van Pelt Library 1998
James A. LaHaie Manager Memorial Union-Memorial Union 2002
Jon Lahaie Dining Services 2004
Mary Laitinen Dining Services 2011
Peter E. Laks Professor Emeritus-School of Forest Resources & Environ Sci 2016
Stanley LaMuth Information Technology 2009
Jay Lanctot Data not available 1994
Yvonne M. Lander Office Assistant 5 - Business Operations 2015
Arnold B. Landstrom Senior Metallurgist 1999
Larry D. Lankton Professor Emeritus, Social Sciences 2012
Jeanne Lantto Dining Services 2006
Keith W. Lantz School of Business and Economics 2006
Scharlotte LaPointe Executive Secretary - Forestry 1983
Dennis Larsen Research Assistant 2001
Peter Larson Facilities Management 2011
John J. LaRue Jr Associate Professor Emeritus - Electrical Engineering 1996
Dennis Lasanen Facilities Management 2010
Raymond E. Lasanen Purchasing Manager, Financial Services & Operations 2017
Roger E. Laub Jr Office Assistant - Merchandising Operations Campus Bookstore 2010
Karla J. Lawton Psychiatric Nurse/LPC Cnslr, Counseling Services 2002
Elaine Lean Dining Services 1998
David G. Leddy Professor Emeritus, Chemistry 2002
Sung M. Lee Professor Emeritus-Physics 2000
Jong K. Lee Professor Emeritus - Materials Science & Engineering 2007
Leslie Leifer Professor Emeritus-Chemistry 2002
Robert J. Leonard Mgr 1999
John M. Leonard Supvr, Dining Svcs 2008
Corrine A. Leppen Administrative Aide 2008
Dennis T. Lewandowski Senior Lecturer, Mathematics 2016
Paul H. Lewis Professor Emeritus-Electrical & Computer Engineering 2000
Mary L. Lewis Memorial Union 2003
Gilbert N. Lewis Associate Professor, Mathematical Sciences 2011
Richard Liba Assistant Professor Emeritus-Humanities 1997
Barbara B. Lide Professor Emeritus 2003
John B. Ligon Professor Emeritus, ME-EM 2006
Merril S. Lind Professor Emeritus Electrical Engineering 1999
Thomas W. Lindsey Residence Life 1996
Patricia Lins Dir, Educ Tech and Online Lrnng Educational Technology Svcs 2011
Paul S. Lishinski University Marketing and Communications 1995
Janet A. Locatelli Professor Emerita-J.R. Van Pelt Library 2001
Ted W. Lockhart Professor Emeritus Humanities 2010
Marshall W. Logue Professor Emeritus - Chemistry 2009
James C. Loman Director of Academic Services 2016
Frederic R. Lonsdorf Skiing Coach & Mont Ripley Manager 1995
James R. Loshaw Supvr Recr Area-Summer Athletics 1999
Dorothy C. Love Supervisor - Alumni Records Office 1984
George J. Love Associate Professor Emeritus English 1984
George W. Lower Professor Emeritus Metallurgical Engrg 1999
Mary Jane Lowney Director Advancement Operations 2015
John L. Lowther Professor Emeritus - Computer Science 2009
Shu-Zu Lu Rsch Assoc Prof-Metals & Materials Engrg 2005
Georgia Lucchesi Data not available Unknown
William G. Lucier VP Emeritus & Associate Prof Emeritus Admin/Stud Serv & PE 1999
Dean C. Luehrs Professor Emeritus Chemical Engrg 2000
Donald R. Lueking Professor Emeritus, Biological Sciences 2008
Edward Lumsdaine Professor Emeritus - Mechanical Engineering - Engineering Mechanics 2015
Anders E. Lund Director - Institute of Wood Research 2005
Evona Lutzke Social Sciences 2001
James Lutzke Univ Marketing & Communications 2001
Cynthia MacDonald Information Technology 2011
Valeria Machowski Purchasing 2001
R. Helen MacKenzie Data not available 1997
Paulette Mahr Housing - Facilities 2006
Jean Maki Financial Aid Administration 2002
Edward W. Maki P.E. Engr Design 2011
Deborah A. Maki Office Assistant 5 2013
Wesley J. Maki Metallurgical Technician - Ores Research Building 2014
Timothy Malette Financial Aid Administration 2011
Charles E. Mandeville Department Head - Physics 1984
Mary Marchaterre Office of Advancement 2012
Gary Marcotte Chief Information Officer 2004
Michael Marcotte Facilities Management 2010
Lorraine Markham Facilities Management 2010
Robert L. Marr Manager, Information Services for Development 2010
Samson A. Marshall, Jr Professor Emeritus Physics 1995
Susan R. Martin Associate Professor Emerita, Social Sciences 2013
Patrick E. Martin Department Chair, Social Sciences 2015
Rita Martin Data not available Unknown
Joseph Martino Housing - Facilities 2010
Noel E. Massie Advancement 1994
Verna Masters Van Pelt and Opie Library 2000
Karen M. Mattila Data not available 1999
James A. Mattson Senior Engrg Academic Advisor 2010
Sharon Mayle Admissions 2001
Robert McCarthy Geological & Mining Eng & Sciences 2000
Walter D. McCoy Assistant to Provost/Minority-Provost & VP for Acad Affairs 1997
S. Douglas McDowell Geological & Mining Eng & Sciences Unknown
William J. McGarry Vice President 2004
Elwin McKellar Chief Information Officer 2005
William McKilligan Human Resources 2011
Roland McKinstry Electrical and Computer Engineering 2006
Kathy McLean Kinesiology/Integrative Physiology 2006
Kenneth M. McMillin Professor Emeritus Mathematics & Director Simulation Lab 1983
Terance McNinch Mich Tech Transportation Inst-MTTI 2010
Harold Meese Dean Emeritus of Students 1983
John Mehner Dining Services 2011
Ranjana K. Mehta Cognitive & Learning Sciences Unknown
Willie Melton Professor Emeritus - Social Sciences 2009
Gloria B. Melton Dean of Students 2011
George D. Mendenhall Professor, Chemistry 2001
James W. Meteer Sr Professor Emeritus Forestry 1984
James Meteer Data not available Unknown
Lorraine Michaels Data not available 1995
Donald E. Mikkola Professor Emeritus-Research Professor 2000
Ruth Miller Counseling Services 1995
Roswell K. Miller Associate Professor Emeritus Forestry & Wood Products 1999
John Miller Electrical and Computer Engineering 2010
Norbert Miller Facilities Management 2013
Danny L. Miller Lecturer - School of Technology 2016
Steven R. Miner Coord Counseling Services 2007
William K. Mitchell, Sr Coord for Sustainability 2012
Margaret Mleko Sch Forest Resources & Environ Sci 2011
Terry D. Monson Professor Emeritus - School of Business & Economics 2008
Judith Monticello Vice Pres for Research 2004
Pauline Moore Van Pelt and Opie Library 2004
Paulette Morin Van Pelt and Opie Library 2013
Robert H. Mount Professor Emeritus-Physics 2000
Lisa G. Moyle Coord Housing Operations 2014
Dorothy L. Mugford Data not available 2005
Alvin J. Murphy Manager, Bookstore 1984
Lynn Murphy Mathematical Sciences 2008
Martin C. Myllyoja Facilities Management 1998
Edward Nadgorny Professor Emeritus - Physics 2009
Susan G. Nakkula Office Assistant 3, Vice President for Research 2014
Nancy Naugle General Athletics 2000
James T. Neher Custodian - Facilities Management 2008
Charles W. Nelson Professor Emeritus - Dept of Humanities 2011
Allen N. Niemi Occupational Safety and Health 2017
Edwin Niemi Professor of Mechanical Engineering 1977
Michael K. Niemi Facilities Maintenance 2017
Frederick J. Niemi Maintenance Foreman - Physical Plant 1983
U. J. (Bert) Noblet Forestry 1962
Erik C. Nordberg Interim Head of Ref/Gvnmt Info 2013
Laura A. North Facilities Maintenance 2017
Robert O. Nuottila Manager - Accounting Information Systems 2000
Judith Nuottila Dining Services 2007
Robert J. Nutini Trades Helper-Res Hall Svcs 2005
Ronald F. Nuttall Master Mach II-Metals & Materials Engrg-Materials Sci/ Engrg 2001
Bernhardt C. Nyman Data not available 1984
June Nyman Public Safety & Police Services 1994
Dale O. O'Brien Facilities Manager, Facilities Management 2017
Helen S. O'Connor Data not available 1999
Ruth A. Ojala Office Assistant 5 2014
Allen P. Olson Building Mechanic, Facilities Management 2017
Dewaine A. Olson Executive in Residence 1999
Milton L. Olsson Professor Emeritus Visual & Performing Arts 2009
Gene M. Ortner Professor Emeritus Mathematics 1983
Linda Osthoff Dining Services 2011
Charles W. Ouellette Engr Facilities 2007
David L. Ouillette Associate Registrar 2001
Gena M. Ozanich Data not available 2010
Gary Palmer Facilities Management 2005
Lorraine Palmer Data not available Unknown
Sudhakar Pandit Mechanical Engrg-Engrg Mechanics 2012
Charles Paoli Facilities Management 2012
Cheryl Paoli Dining Services 2014
Alice Papke Public Safety & Police Services 2006
Sharron Paris Registrar/Director 2008
Ronald J. Parker Public Safety Officer 2014
Philip Parks Physics 1997
Arnold Parks Housing - Facilities 2009
Chris E. Passerello Professor Emeritus - Mechanical Engrg - Engrg Mechanics 2014
Milton Oliver Peach Professor Emeritus Engrg Mechanics 1999
Dale Pearson Housing - Facilities 2011
Donna L. Peck Administrative Associate - Graduate School 1998
Barry M. Pegg Professor Emeritus, Humanities 2007
Valerie E. Pegg Director of Rozsa Center 2007
Karol Pelc School of Business and Economics 2005
David Pelli Facilities Management 2013
Esther Pennanen Data not available Unknown
Shirley M. Perreault Food Svc Util Helper 2010
Jame E. Perron Custodian, Facilities Management 2017
Wayne D. Goulette Office Assistant, Aerospace Studies (Air Force ROTC) 2017
B. Kathleen Petaja Financial Aid Administration 2008
Mary Peters Dining Services 2013
Joann Peterson Merchandising Operations 2001
Susan Peterson Career Services 2004
Rolf O. Peterson Professor Emeritus-School of Forest Resources & Environ Sci 2006
Dorothy L. Peterson Financial Aid Officer 2008
Orlando P. Phillippi Data not available 2007
Johnnie E. Phillips Stock Clerk-Res Hall Dining Services 1999
Linda D. Phillips P.E. Professor of Practice 2009
James B. Pickens Professor - Forestry 2015
Jill E. Pietila Coord Grad Admissions/Grad School 2004
Charles Pihlaja Athletic/Rec Facility Operations 1996
Janet Pikkarainen Sch Forest Resources & Environ Sci 2012
Anton J. Pintar Professor Emeritus Chemical Engrg 2002
Joseph Pizzi Facilities Management 2001
Tony J. Pleshe Mechanic 2006
Dr. Bruce J. Pletka Professor Emeritus, Materials Science and Engineering 2016
Mark Plichta Professor Emeritus - Materials Science and Engineering 2014
Linda M. Poisson Custodian 2008
Dr. David A. Poplawski Associate Professor, Computer Science 2016
Jack Porritt Memorial Union 1995
Vasant. R. Potnis Professor Emeritus Physics 1996
Sally Powers Aerospace Studies (Air Force ROTC) 1997
William J. Powers Professor Emeritus Literature 1998
Martha M. Poyhonen Registrar's Office 2010
David W. Pray Lecturer 2005
Beverly Prieskorn Registrar's 2001
Dick Prince Merchandising Operations 2004
Kathe Prince Materials Science and Engineering 2004
Richard F. Prince Assistant Manager 2004
Marcia S. Pruner Research Engr/Science I 1998
Edwin E. Puuri Data not available 2004
Barbara E. Radigan Office Assistant 1998
J. Bruce Rafert Dean Grad Sch & Distance Lrng/Graduate School 2004
Martin R. Raffaelli Data not available 1995
Martin A. Raffaelli Housing - Facilities 2010
Jack Raisanen Physical Plant 1994
John Raisanen Athletic/Rec Facility Operations 2004
Margaret F. Ralph Administration 2013
George A. Rangus Supervisor Print Shop - University Marketing/Communications 2005
Frederick Rauch Univ Marketing & Communications 1995
Evelyn Rauhio Data not available 2005
Delmar R. Rautiola Steam Fitter - Building Maintenance Facilities Management 2014
Richard A. Reini Grounds-Facilities Management 1996
Miss Hilia E. Reini Executive Secretary 2005
Adrene J. Remali Business Systems Analyst 2008
Lawrence J. Remington Professor of Economics and Business 1984
Larry Remington Data not available 2011
David Reynolds Housing - Facilities 1994
Terry Reynolds † Professor Emeritus, Social Sciences 2011
G. Fredric Reynolds Data not available Unknown
Larry J. Rheault Mail Specialist II 2010
Delore L. Ricard Data not available 1998
Richard G. Richards Master Machinist-Chemical Engrg 1998
M. Jean Richards Data not available 2004
Earl G. Rintala Electrical Department Machine Shop 2012
Ronald C. Rivest Mail Specialist II - University Marketing and Communication 2015
Mark C. Roberts Professor of Emeritus of Economics 2014
Mary Robillard Data not available Unknown
George W. Robinson Curator/Professor Emeritus - Geol & Mining Engrg Sciences 2013
Ronald S. Roblee Professor Emeritus, Mathematical Sciences 2007
Thomas A. Rodeheffer Supvr Lab-Biological Sciences 2005
Roger L. Rogge Advancement 1995
Dolores P. Romano Food Service Helper 2012
Joseph A. Romig Professor Emeritus 1999
Shirley Ronkainen Memorial Union 1998
Donald H. Rose Data not available 2003
William I. Rose, Jr. Professor/Faculty & Former Chair - Geological & Mining Engrg & Sciences 2012
Patricia Ross Graduate School 2011
Stephen Rossi Univ Marketing & Communications 2013
John Roth Housing - Facilities 2009
Ann M. Roth Policy and Procedure Coordinator 2011
Margaret P. Rothenberger Office Assistant, Materials Science and Engineering 2016
Mary Rouleau Center for Diversity & Inclusion 1996
John A. Rovano Dir of Facilities Management 2012
William G. Rowe Librarian 1998
Robert J. Rowe Training Specialist Sr Design 2011
Otto G. Ruehr Professor Emeritus Mathematics 1997
Ruth Ruelle Financial Services 1996
Yvonne Rule Chief Information Officer 1996
Karl B. Rundman Professor Emeritus - Met & Matls Eng 2003
Carolyn A. Rundman Teacher/Director 2006
Nils P. Ruonavaara Engineer/Scientist - Keweenaw Research Center 2015
Steve Ruotsala Housing - Facilities 2010
Barbara Ruotsala Auxiliary Services Operations 2012
Dorothy Saari Data not available Unknown
Cheryl Saarinen College of Engineering 2010
Harley L. Sachs Assoc Professor Emeritus-English 1998
Joseph Sager Data not available 2010
Robert L. Sajdak Associate Professor Emeritus Forestry 1999
Dennis E. Salo Supvr Bldg Operations-Bldg Custodial Svcs 2001
Daniel Salo Facilities Management 2014
L. Bogue Sandberg Professor Emeritus, Civil & Environmental Engineering 2007
Vernon R. Sandel Associate Professor Emeritus Chemistry 1999
Ciro A. Sandoval Associate Professor Emeritus, Humanities 2014
Sharon Sandretto Sch Forest Resources & Environ Sci 2011
John Sanregret Athletic/Rec Facility Operations 1996
Dr. Henry S. Santeford, Jr. Associate Professor, Civil & Env Engrg 2002
Donald J. Savera Outreach Coordinator 2005
Michelle Saxton Chemistry 2004
Gina M. Sayen Administrative Assistant, Office of Administration 2017
Judy L. Schaefer Administrative Aide 8 - Biomedical Engineering 2014
Virginia M. Schaller Administrative Assistant, Tech Fund/Advancement 2008
Daniel Schmitt Univ Marketing & Communications 2012
Jeanne Schmitt Corporate Partnerships 2012
William Schneiderhan Keweenaw Research Center 1999
Gerhardt Schreiber Data not available 1998
James L. Schultz Data not available Unknown
Valeria Schwantz Financial Services & Operations 2001
Valerie See Keweenaw Research Center 2010
Dr. Maximilian J. Seel Provost and Vice President, Professor Emeritus 2016
Lowell Seeley Facilities Management 2004
Steven R. Seidel Professor - Computer Science 2014
Ellen Y. Seidel Head Collection Management/Tech Services - J. Robert Van Pelt and Opie Library 2015
Susan Sergey Human Resources 2014
Mark J. Sertich, Jr. Head Coach Hockey 2003
Jeanine Sewell Counseling Services 2000
William C. Sewell Professor Emeritus - Humanities 2003
Paul D. Shandley Associate Professor Emeritus Physics 1999
William R. Shapton Prof/Dir Distance Lrng Prog/MEEM 2004
Stephen G. Shetron Professor Emeritus Forestry 1998
Ronald Sibbald Dining Services 1995
Charles W. Sieders Telecommunication Engr 2003
Sharlene Sliger Financial Services & Operations 2008
Martha Sloan Professor/Associate Chair/Professor Emerita, Electrical and Computer Engineering 2013
Darrell W Smith Professor Emeritus Metallurgical Engineering 1998
Raymond L. Smith President & Professor Emeritus Metallurgical Engrg 1999
Gary Smith Enrollment Services 2012
Rita Smith Career Services 2012
Robert K. Snortland Lecturer-Mech Engrg/Engrg Mechanics 1997
Virgil W Snyder Professor Emeritus Engrg Mechanics 1999
Karen A. Snyder Administrative Aide 2010
Thomas P. Snyder † Associate Professor Emeritus - Biological Sciences 2015
Theodore Soldan Visual & Performing Arts 2006
Barry D. Solomon Professor Emeritus - Social Sciences 2016
Jon A. Soper Professor Emeritus-Electrical & Computer Engrg 2001
Sheryl A. Sorby Professor Emerita - Engineering Fundamentals/Civil & Environmental Engineering 2011
Robert A. Soumis Manager of Payroll Services 2010
Denise R. Spagnotti Business Systems Analyst 2014
Robert J. Spahn Associate Professor Emeritus Mathematics 1998
James D. Spain Professor Emeritus-Biochemistry 2010
Theresa Spence Van Pelt and Opie Library 2004
Dianne Sprague Assistant Professor, School of Technology 2006
Mary Stafford Data not available Unknown
Martha S. Staresnick Dining Services 2017
Marlene StClair Public Safety & Police Services 2001
D. W. Stebbins Vice President Emeritus Academic Affairs 1999
Robert C. Stebler Professor Emeritus Applied Technology 1997
Katherine Steiger Materials Science and Engineering 1995
Dale F. Stein President Emeritus 1999
Helmuth M. Steinhilb Professor Emeritus - Forestry 1979
Suzanne Stephens Visual & Performing Arts 2007
David Stimac Foreman Maint/Repair, Ford Center 2017
Mary Stimac Facilities Management 2013
JoAnne Stimac Mechanical Engrg-Engrg Mechanics 2014
Robert C. Stinson Data not available Unknown
Gloria Strieter Keweenaw Research Center 2005
David Strong Information Technology 2012
Esther Strong Data not available Unknown
Michael R. Strucel Custodian - Athletic/Rec Facility Operations 2008
Bernard C. Sun Assoc Prof-Instit of Wood Rsch 1997
Narasipur V. Suryanarayana Professor Emeritus Mechanical Engrg 2000
William R. Sved Library Assistant 5 2009
Grace L. Swartz Professor Emerita-Chemistry 2000
David Swykert Public Safety & Police Services 2006
Dr. Dale R. Tahtinen Vice President 2016
David E. Taivalkoski Dir, Energy & Sustainability, Facilities Management 2017
Mary Takala Chemistry 2003
David A. Talford Research Engr/Science II 1997
Peter M. Tampas Professor Emeritus - School of Technology 2003
Phyllis K. Tapani Administrative Aide - School of Technology 1995
Cecelia J. Tembreull Data not available 2002
Robert D. Tembreull Mgr Res Acctg 2002
Joel L. Tepsa Building Mechanic II 2016
Duane M. Thayer Professor Emeritus Metallurgical Engrg 1997
Beatrice R. Thornton Supvr-Chem Labs 1999
Margaret Thornton Financial Services & Operations 2012
Sam B. Tidwell Professor Emeritus Business & Economics 1984
Richard E. Tieder Projects Mgr 2002
Wayne Torgeson Residential Services 1995
Bruce Townsend Facilities Management 1998
Robert Trevethan Facilities Management 2001
George Trevino Assoc Professor Mechanical Engrg-Engrg Mechanics 1998
Alvin Turnquist Facilities Management 1996
James A. Turnquist Director of Career Services 2014
Paul Tussing Merchandising Operations 1999
Charlotte A. Tyler Sr Clerk - Bookstore 1998
Dr. Madhukar Vable Professor Emeritus, Mechanical Engineering-Engineering Mechanics 2016
Marie Velics Data not available 1995
Thomas E. Vichich Professor Emeritus 1999
Thomas M. Vichich Housing - Facilities 2000
Dr. Carl R. Vilmann Professor Emeritus, Mechanical Engineering-Engineering Mechanics 2016
Marilyn Vogler International Programs and Services 2010
Bruce Wagner Financial Services & Operations 2001
Bradford W. Wagner Coord Academic Services 2013
Jack Wakeham Data not available Unknown
Dennis K. Walikainen Senior Content Specialist 2015
Christa L. Walck Associate Provost 2016
Lawrence A. Wall Psychiatric Social Wkr, Counseling Services 2017
Donna M. Walstrom Office Asst 3 2008
Terrell L. Warrington Assoc Prof-Chemistry 1998
Anne C. Warrington Senior Lecturer - School of Business and Economics 2015
Robert O. Warrington Professor & Dean Emeritus - Pavlis Honors College 2016
Jane E. Waters Administrative Assistant - Provost and VP for Academic Affairs 2015
Lynn Watts Financial Aid Administration 1999
Vernon B. Watwood Professor Emeritus Civil Engrg 1997
Arthur S. Weaver Professor Emeritus Engineering Mechanics 1984
Roy Wehmanen Professor of Mechanical Engineering 1978
Pamela A. Wehr Learning Spect/Writing Ct-Humanities 2001
Warren O. Weingarten Professor Emeritus-School of Technology 1998
Klaus J. Weinmann Professor of Mechanical Engineering 2003
Sigrid Weinmann Professor Emeritus 2003
John Welch Dining Services 2007
Robert J. Wenc Mgr Michigan Tech Apartments 2005
Michael Wertheim † Professor Emeritus, Physics 2003
Ann H. West Director, InCommon - Computer Science 2015
Robert Whipple Mechanical Engrg-Engrg Mechanics 2012
Bertwell K. Whitten Professor Emeritus Biological Sciences 1999
Gary A. Wickstrom Registrar 1999
Frances M. Wiideman Director ESL 2011
Dennis O. Wiitanen Prof/Assoc Chair / Professor Emeritus 2012
Indra Wijayratne School of Technology 2007
Barbara Wilder Van Pelt and Opie Library 2000
Donald S. Williams Director, Counseling Services 2017
Edwin T. Williams Professor Emeritus Chemistry & Chemical Engrg 1999
John G. Williams Professor Emeritus - Chemistry 2006
Michael Wilmers Facilities Management 2011
Svitlana Winnikow Professor of Mechanical Engineering 1981
Rodney Winquist Facilities Management 2001
Michael D. Wirt Corporate Relations Director 1996
Michele L. Wirtanen Exec Asst/ADA Rehab Act Coord 2016
Walter M. Wisti Professor Civil Engineering 2004
Frederick Wittig Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering 1976
Mary Witting Public Safety & Police Services 2011
Kathleen Wollan Physics 2014
Clyde E. Work Professor Emeritus Engineering Mechanics 1998
Patricia Worth Memorial Union 2005
Albert F. Wuori Sr Res Engr/Sci II-Keweenaw Res Ctr 1999
William L. Yarroch Associate Professor - Department of Education 2014
J. Richard Yeo Senior Director Athletics 2007
Donald G. Yerg Professor Emeritus Physics 1999
Almon P. Young Professor of Mechanical Engineering 1963
Charles T. Young Associate Professor Emeritus-Geol & Mining Engrg & Sciences 2006
Dae S. Young Associate Professor, Mechanical Engineering 2006
William A. Yrjana Research Associate 2008
Jean E. Zimmer Curator 1986
Robert Zulinski Electrical and Computer Engineering 2000