Psychology Minor

A minor with major benefits.

Stand out in the job market with a psychology minor. Psychology plays a significant role in most aspects of our lives, including our choices, relationships, and how we work and learn. This makes our psychology minor a great complement for many different majors. Having insight into people's thoughts and behavior will give you an edge in almost any career—not to mention in your personal life.

Why minor in psychology?

Our 18-credit psychology minor is flexible by design. After you complete the one required course, Introduction to Psychology, you can choose a set of classes tailored to your personal goals.

Minoring in psychology at Michigan Tech led me to my dream job. My minor helped me understand how people think and behave, feeding into my work on medical devices used by various groups of people. My minor also taught me how to interact with diverse personalities and perspectives, serve clients in a global market, and lead my employees toward success. I would not have the career that I have today without my psychology minor.

- Emilee Stanczyk '16, biomedical engineering graduate, Managing Human Factors Specialist at Emergo by UL

A minor in psychology is advantageous for any professional who interacts with or designs for people. Students majoring in the following areas may find our minor to be particularly relevant:

  • Engineering
  • Business
  • Computer Science
  • Pre-Medicine
  • Exercise Science
  • Scientific and Technical Communication
  • Management Information Systems

Enhanced experience.

In addition to coursework in traditional areas of psychology, like counseling, social psychology, and cognitive psychology, we offer courses that examine the interaction of people with technology and their workplace—like human factors, engineering psychology, environmental psychology, and industrial-organization psychology.

In your classes, you will explore the scientific methods psychologists use to predict and modify human behavior, plus a range of perspectives and content areas in psychology. In earning a psychology minor, students will gain:

  • Appreciation for the variety of influences on human behavior.
  • Understanding of psychological research and psychology's applications in human life and design.
  • Interpersonal skills, including cross-cultural understanding.
  • Increased critical-thinking and communication skills.
  • Insight into human reasoning and decision making.

To get started:

Our department's advisor can help you design a minor that works for you!