2.12.1—Requesting Honorarium Payment for U.S. Visitor

Effective: 08/23/2011
Senate Proposal: No
Responsible University Officer: Chief Financial Officer
Responsible Office: Controller


Departments who invite visitors from within the United States to the University and wish to pay an honorarium must follow appropriate guidelines.


The department providing the honorarium:

  1. At least two weeks prior to the event being held, submits a completed check request and completed Requesting an Honorarium Payment for U.S. Visitors form to Accounting.
    1. Completes the following information on the check request:
      1. Name of payee
      2. Mailing address of payee
      3. Mailing instructions - select either to department, to address of payee, mail attachment with payment or hold for pickup
      4. Identification number - Social Security Number
      5. Purpose of the payment
      6. Amount of the payment
      7. Index and account code (E921) to be charged
  2. Completes the following information on the Requesting an Honorarium Payment for U.S. Visitors form:
    1. Name of the visitor
    2. Social Security Number of the visitor
    3. Indicate if the payee is a U.S. Citizen
    4. Home address of the payee
    5. Reason for awarding an honorarium - include a description and the date of the event
    6. Signature of the individual requesting the honorarium
    7. Signature of the individual authorizing the payment

Forms and Instructions

In support of this procedure, the following forms/instructions are included:


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