2.19 - Approving and Signing Contracts and Other Legal Documents On Behalf of the University

Effective: December 1, 2023
Senate Proposal: No
Responsible University Officer: General Counsel
Responsible Office: Office of General Counsel

Policy Statement

On August 3, 2023, the Board of Trustees granted the President the signature authority for all University contracts and other legal documents. (Board Policy 11.13) In addition, the Board authorized the President to delegate his authority to other University administrators as appropriate.

Policy Requirements

Subject to Board Policy 11.13, the President delegates the authority to sign contracts and other legal documents annually.  Each Presidential delegation and authorized sub-delegations supersede all prior delegations and grants of authority to sign contracts and other legal documents.  All delegations and sub-delegations must made in accordance with Board Policy 11.13, the current Presidential delegation, this Policy, and accompanying procedures.  All individuals with delegated signing authority are responsible for knowing and abiding by the terms of their delegated authority and all applicable policies, procedures, and practices.  Any sub-delegations may not be further delegated by the delegee.  


To minimize legal, financial, and reputational risk to the University through publication of a list of Duly Authorized Employees and by providing annual contract training to all Duly Authorized Employees.  


All agreements that obligate the university in any way.  Purchases made with a University PCard are not agreements and are not covered by this Policy.


Office/Unit Name Telephone Number
General Counsel 906-487-2229
CFO and Senior Vice President for Administration 906-487-2153


Contract: An agreement between two or more parties creating obligations that are enforceable or otherwise recognizable at law.  Contract, Black's Law Dictionary (7th ed. 1999).

Duly Authorized Employee: An employee to whom authorization to execute contracts or other legal documents is properly delegated in accordance with the President’s Delegation of Contract Approval and Signature Authority for Michigan Technological University for the current fiscal year.

Unauthorized Person:  Any individual who executes a contract or other legal document on behalf of the university who is not a Duly Authorized Employee.  




Procedure for Approving and Signing Contracts and Other Legal Documents On-Behalf of the University




MTU Contract Review Request


MTU Contract Support Center


Adopted: 12/01/2023             Approved by appropriate executive team member