Initiative Matrix General Guidelines

The objective of the MTTI Initiative Matrix is to support the MTTI mission. Initiatives are intended for MTTI members. Non-members are welcome to apply and requests will be considered on a case by case basis.

  • All activities/initiatives must support the MTTI mission.
  • The matrix applies to designated funds identified in the MTTI operational budget.
  • The funding cycle follows the academic year.
  • The funding levels for each category will be determined annually by the Executive Committee (EC) based on MTTI revenue. The division of funding between categories is determined by the EC and can be adjusted to reflect the types of requests.
  • The process for applying funds is standardized and the types of eligible funding are described in the Matrix (these can be adjusted over time).
  • "Major program initiatives" with significant commitments are excluded from the process and will be handled on a case by case basis.
  • As a general guideline, recovery of investment is expected in most categories over time. In some categories, members are only allowed to submit new requests after MTTI return of investment (ROI) from the previous request has been confirmed.
  • MTTI cost share in “Funded Activity Category” is only available for projects with cost share requirements. In "highly recommended" cases, cost share will be considered only after consultation with the Sponsored Programs Office (SPO).
  • EC will develop an “annual call” to inform the general membership on the availability of initiative funding levels.
  • Summary presentation must be given at the next MTTI general membership meeting following the conclusion of a funded project.

The Initiative Matrix is a “living document” and will reviewed and updated annually based on EC observations and feedback from the general membership.