How to Apply for a J-1 Scholar Extension

If you need more time to complete your activities, you can ask to stay longer. You may extend your DS-2019 up to the maximum period of participation for your J-1 category—five years for a research scholar or professor, and six months for a short-term scholar.

You must put in a request with your sponsor. Your academic department should be familiar with the extension process. International Programs and Services can approve an extension of any time up to the maximum period of participation.

You may be eligible to apply for an extension of status if:

  • You are working toward the original program objective shown in section 4 of your most recent Form DS-2019
  • You are maintaining your status as a J-1 Exchange Visitor
  • You can show you have adequate funding for yourself and any J-2 dependents during the proposed extension (minimum $14,000 per year)
  • You and your J-2 dependents are currently maintaining and continue to maintain health insurance coverage that meets J visa requirements

Guidelines to Extend a DS-2019

Complete the following documents and upload to the J-1 Exchange Visitor (Scholar) Request for Extension google form. Please give IPS 14 working days to extend the DS-2019

 You Need to Know

  • If your I-94 card is marked with a "D/S," then the extension is complete.
  • If your I-94 card is marked with a specific end date, not "D/S," contact IPS immediately. You may need to travel outside the US to complete your extension.