Reduced Course Load

International students must be enrolled full-time during Fall and Spring semesters. This means 9 credits for Graduate students and 12 for Undergraduate students.

Students who do not intend to take a full course load need approval beforehand from IPS as well as their academic advisor.

  • IPS is authorized to approve less than full course loads for degree-seeking students on F-1 visas only under exceptions allowed under federal regulations.
  • If a first-year student has academic difficulties we may approve one exception, but no more than one.
  • Graduate students supported on assistantship (not those paid hourly) must register for 9 credits. They are not eligible for reduced course load authorization.
  • J-1 students are not eligible for Reduced Course Load under any circumstances.
  • If you applied for a Reduced Course Load because it is your last semster, and you had failed courses, it is rare to get another reduced course load. By having a program extension and a second reduced course load, this could lead to the government putting a red flag on your account.

Types of Reduced Course Load (RCL)