Workshops and Presentations

The Office of Continuous Improvement is happy to offer many ways to get involved in Lean. If you aren’t quite sure what Lean is, want to elaborate on certain concepts, or if you want to simply learn it all there are plenty of opportunities right here on campus to do so!

Lean Skills Workshops

Lean workshops are offered to build your knowledge of continuous improvement. On concepts from one-piece flow, to andons, and kanbans, these workshops are exactly what one needs to get that lean-spiration flowing. Look for upcoming ones to attend on our website!

Lean area walk-throughs and presentations

Many places on campus are Lean savvy and apply their knowledge of continuous improvement to their daily work. On occasion there is an opportunity to visit these areas of the university and see how they keep things organized using their lean toolbox. Going to the gemba (the place where work is being done) is fundamental principles in Lean and Continuous improvement and can really open your eyes to new possibilities and ideas. Feel free to ask questions in areas of the university you know practice lean! 

Continuous Improvement Guest Speakers

Guests from the manufacturing industry and other lean leaders often come to speak here at Michigan Tech about their lean journeys and methods. Recent presenters have included representatives from Systems Control, John Deere, and other major industry players. Look for announcements of when the next guest speaker will be on campus!