On-Campus Learning Opportunities and Resources

Among the many other ways to get involved with Lean here on campus, there are also ways you can personally delve into the world of continuous improvement in order to better your processes and improve your organizational skills.

The Lean Library

Within our office we have a library filled with books on Lean, Six Sigma, organizational tools, and systems thinking. If you are looking to personally expand your knowledge on continuous improvement or are looking for a good informational text to read, come check out a book!

Continuous Improvement Blog

Weekly the Office of Continuous Improvement posts to our improvement blog on tools, tips, and tricks on how to stay organized. Giving insight on leadership and lean culture, the blog is an excellent resource for quick tips and tricks on quality continuous improvement practices. Have questions? Leave a comment or shoot us an e-mail and we will be sure to answer!

The Gemba Academy

The Gemba Academy is online learning about Lean. They offer a variety of resources, including videos, quizzes, a blog, and much more! To learn more in their School of Lean and to see real applications in the Gemba Academy Live!, email us at improvement@mtu.edu to get a username and password. Then, go to www.gembaacademy.com and use the "Log In' button in the top right corner of any page. You may access the training here at the university, from home, or from your mobile or tablet device.