Request a Process Improvement Event

Do you have a process that frustrates you? Do you wish you had more time in your day?  Do you wish your desk, office supplies or other area was better organized? Do you want to reduce errors or waste? Would you like to make it easier to comply with safety policies and procedures? Completing a continuous improvement (Kaizen) Event can help you solve these and many other problems.

A Kaizen Event is a great starting point for those new to Lean and Continuous Improvement to learn the philosophy through application. Kaizen Events are structured activities involving a cross-functional team that dedicates time to focus on improving a process. They are very motivating for team members, many leave the events seeking new opportunities to practice continuous improvement and begin transforming their daily work. Here at Michigan Tech we have a group of Lean Facilitators that are trained to facilitate Kaizen Events for groups and departments across campus.  

Please fill out and submit the form below if you are interested in improving a process in your area.