Continuous Improvement

Campus Facilitators

Michigan Tech has embedded Lean Facilitators on campus. These employees have been through many hours of training in Lean tools and facilitation skills and have volunteered to commit time, in addition to their regular work, to help other areas on campus practice continuous improvement. They are available to teach various topics to departments, facilitate kaizen events, coach you through a Lean project, and practice and share the Lean skills they have learned. If you or your department would like to receive help from one of these individuals, please contact the Office of Continuous Improvement at or 906-487-3180, or fill out our improvement request form.

Bldg 1 Administration

  • Debra Charlesworth, PhD—Graduate School, level 2 certified
  • Andrew Miles—Financial Aid
  • Heidi Reid - General Counsel, level 3 certified
  • Andi Barajas—University Marketing & Communications, level 1 certified

Bldg 3 Lakeshore Center

  • Traci BishopFinancial Services and Operations
  • Tom Cogswell—Human Resources
  • Megan Goke—Human Resources, level 3 certified
  • Lori Hardyniec—Human Resources, level 2 certified
  • Madeline Mercado Voelker—Human Resources, level 2 certified
  • Tammy LaBissoniere—Sponsored Programs, level 2 certified
  • Gina LeMay—Vice President for Research, level 3 certified
  • Margo O'Brien—Financial Services and Operations, level 2 certified
  • Renee Ozanich—Human Resources, level 2 certified
  • Michelle Reed—Human Resources
  • Richelle Schwaller—Vice President for Research, level 2 certified

Bldg 7 Electrical Energy Resources

  • Matt Bryan—Information Technology, level 2 certified
  • Brian Hutzler—Information Technology, level 2 certified
  • Steve Knudstrup—Information Technology, level 1 certified
  • Karen Maki—Information Technology, level 2 certified

Bldg 11 Walker - Arts and Humanities

  • Tanya Maki—Visual and Performing Arts, level 2 certified
  • Wendy Hackman—Facilities
  • A.J. Mikus—Facilities

Bldg 12 Minerals and Materials Engr

  • Briana Tucker—Pavlis Honors College, level 2 certified

Bldg 14 Grover C. Dillman Hall

  • Chad Arney—Provost, level 1 certified

Bldg 17 J R Van Pelt & Opie Library

  • Annelise Doll—Van Pelt and Opie Library, level 2 certified
  • Linnea McGowan Hobmeier—Van Pelt and Opie Library, level 2 certified
  • Lauren Movlai—Van Pelt and Opie Library, level 2 certified
  • Georgeann Larson—Van Pelt and Opie Library, level 2 certified
  • Laurie Stark—Van Pelt and Opie Library, level 3 certified

Bldg 19 Chemical Sciences and Engr

  • Paul Charlesworth, PhD—Chemistry, level 2 certified

Bldg 28 Reiki Hall

  • Karen Johnson—College of Computing

Bldg 34 Memorial Union

  • Theresa Coleman-Kaiser—Administration, level 3 certified
  • Laura Harry—Memorial Union, level 2 certified
  • Robert Hiltunen—Auxiliary Services, level 2 certified
  • Brenda Randell—Administration, level 2 certified

Bldg 37 Wadsworth Hall

  • Ruth Archer, PhD—Office of Continuous Improvement
  • Alexandra Holmstrom—Office of Continuous Improvement
  • Christopher Maxson—Environmental Health and Safety, level 2 certified
  • Kathy Wardynski—Dining Services, level 3 certified

Bldg 44 Facilities Building

  • Ginger Sleeman—Administration

Bldg 905 Huntington National Bank

  • Lorraine Young—Advancement, level 2 certified

Alphabetical Listing, by Last Name



Ruth Archer, PhD 
Office of Continuous Improvement
Georgeann Larson
Van Pelt and Opie Library

Chad Arney


Gina LeMay

Sponsored Operations

Andi Barajas
University Marketing & Communications

Karen Maki

Information Technology

Traci Bishop

Financial Services Operations

Tanya Maki
Human Resources
Matt Bryan
Information Technology
Christopher Maxson
Environmental Health and Safety

Debra Charlesworth, PhD
Graduate School

Linnea McGowan Hobmeier

Van Pelt and Opie Library

Paul Charlesworth, PhD
Madeline Mercado Voelker
Human Resources

Tom Cogswell

Human Resources

A.J. Mikus

Facilities Management

Theresa Coleman-Kaiser

Andrew Miles

Financial Aid

Annelise Doll
Van Pelt and Opie Library
Lauren Movlai
Van Pelt and Opie Library
Megan Goke
Human Resources
Margo O'Brien

Financial Services and Operations

Wendy Hackman

Facilities Management

Renee Ozanich
Human Resources
Lori Hardyniec
Human Resources
Brenda Randell
Laura Harry
Auxiliary Services

Michelle Reed

Human Resources

Robert Hiltunen
Auxiliary Services

Heidi Reid

General Counsel

Alexandra Holmstrom

Office of Continuous Improvement

Richelle Schwaller
Sponsored Operations
Brian Hutzler
Information Technology
Ginger Sleeman


Karen Johnson

College of Computing

Laurie Stark
Van Pelt and Opie Library
Steve Knudstrup

Information Technology

Briana Tucker

Pavlis Honors College

Tammy LaBissoniere

Sponsored Programs

Kathy Wardynski
Dining Services 
Georgeann Larson
Van Pelt and Opie Library
Lorraine Young


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