4. Faculty Development

4.1 Sabbatical Leave Program

The granting of sabbatical leaves of absence is intended for the mutual benefit of the University and the person granted such a leave. Sabbatical leaves may be granted to faculty members in order to provide a period of creative activity for the purpose of furthering professional competence. The granting of such leave will in no case be automatic, and each request for sabbatical leave will be judged on its own merits.

Sabbatical leave eligibility and compensation is governed by Board of Trustees Policy 6.7, Sabbatical Leave.

Guidelines and application procedures are governed by Senate Procedure 706.1.1, Sabbatical Leave Procedures.

Applications and additional information can be found in Appendix E, Sabbatical Leave Procedures.

05/13/2021 - Revised to reference Board policy and Senate procedure. 1/26/2018 - Annual Review: Added a "References" section and "Board of Trustees Sabbatical Leave of Absence Policy 6.7 See Appendix E, "Sabbatical Leave Procedures and Forms" for more information on guidelines, application procedures, and application forms."
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07/18/2011 - Annual Review: To reflect Board Policy 6.7, added the last sentence "This policy shall be administered in accordance with procedures recommended by the Senate and approved by the President."
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