1.4 University Governance

At Michigan Technological University, the faculty and the administration participate cooperatively in developing policies for academic governance. Governance is a product of trust and shared responsibility.

The President is selected by the Board of Trustees, which is appointed by the governor of the State of Michigan. The Board of Trustees is charged with legal oversight of the University.

The faculty participates through the University Senate and departmental, school, college, and University level committees. The University Senate consists of representatives elected from academic departments and other campus units. According to its constitution accepted in 1993 by the Board of Trustees (see Appendix G "Senate Constitution"), the Senate must normally approve all academic policies, including tenure and promotion, new degree programs, academic freedom, the academic calendar, etc. If the Senate and the administration disagree on academic policy, the Senate may appeal to the Board of Trustees. The Senate may also recommend policy in other areas, including University finances and administrative priorities. The Senate's role in evaluating the University administration is described in Appendix H, "University Senate Administrative Evaluation Procedure."

Proposals for new or revised academic policies may originate at any level of the University with any group or individual, including faculty, students, staff, administrators, or the Board of Trustees. Draft proposals or requests for action are submitted to the President of the Senate, and will be referred to a Senate committee or directly to the Senate. The entire process of development of proposals requires clear and open communication between the administration and faculty. The ultimate authority for all policy matters rests with the Board of Trustees.

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