1.4.1 Departmental Charters

Being necessary for the conduct of shared governance, every department, school, college (if without departments), library, and other academic units will establish and maintain a written charter. Charters cannot conflict with University or Senate policies and in cases where this occurs the higher-level governing document has priority and the lower-level document must be brought into compliance. Any language found not to be in agreement will immediately be considered invalid, but this will have no effect on the rest of the charter’s language.

Senate Policy 710.1 provides guidelines related to the required content and order for Charters.

07/29/2022 - Revised to reference Senate Policy 710.1.
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06/03/2015 - To reflect current University titles, "Board of Control" is now "Board of Trustees" and "Board of Control (BOC)" is now "Board of Trustees (BOT)".
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07/10/2011 - Annual Review: Senate Proposal 16-92 was replaced by Proposal 5-11, "Required Charter Contents."  To reflect current University titles and practice, MTU is now Michigan Tech and the email address for questions is now hbwebmaster.
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