Faculty Handbook

1.4.1 Departmental Charters

Required Charter Contents to be Stated in the Following Numerical Order:

  1. a.  A procedure for changing and approving the charter, including a definition of the voting members of a unit and the procedure for changing eligibility.

    b.  Procedures and responsibilities for updating the charter and keeping it in compliance with University-wide and Senate policies. Units should propose conflict resolutions in a timely manner once one has been identified.
  2. A clear definition of the duties and responsibilities of the Department Chair or Director.
  3. Procedures for recommending promotion, tenure, and reappointment among their members. Specific areas that must be addressed in the charter are found in Appendix I. (Tenure, Promotion and Reappointment Procedures): Section 1. (Responsibilities of Each Academic Unit) of the Tenured/Tenure-Track Faculty Handbook which implement the Board of Trustees (BOT) Policy on Academic Tenure and Promotion as decreed in the BOT's Bylaws and Policies, Chapter 6.4 Academic Tenure and Promotion.
  4. A definition of the role of professional staff and other non-tenure/tenure-track members in unit governance.
  5. A procedure for obtaining advice from the unit faculty regarding recommendations for sabbatical leaves (Senate Procedure 706.1.1)
  6. A procedure for recommending Emeritus/Emerita status to the President for presentation to the Board of Trustees. This procedure shall include approval by department/school faculty and an appeal system and may be initiated by the retiree or his/her department/school (Senate Policy 703.1).
  7. A procedure for departmental/school grievance (Senate Policy 704.1).
  8. Units may include other policies or practices if they feel that they warrant being included in their charter.

Senate Policy 710.1

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