Interview Inquiries

Below is a table with some examples of appropriate and inappropriate inquiries during the hiring process.

If you would like to print this page for reference, we have posted this PDF version of the Appropriate and Inappropriate Inquiries table. If you want to reference this table on your own websites, please link to this webpage instead of saving and posting the PDF directly to your own website so that any updates made will be reflected correctly.

Subject Appropriate Inquiries Inappropriate Inquiries
Age None. Questions about age, date of birth, requests for birth certificate.
Arrests/Convictions None. Only Human Resources can address this type of inquiry. Inquiries regarding arrest/conviction record.
Citizenship May ask questions about legal authorization to work in the specific position if all applicants are asked. May not ask if person is a U.S. citizen or what citizenship the person holds.
Disability May ask about applicant’s ability to perform job-related functions. Question (or series of questions) that is likely to solicit information about a disability.
Education Inquiries about degree or equivalent experience.




May consider introducing yourself by using your pronouns.

Inquiries about the applicant's gender. May not insist that someone shares their pronouns.
Height and Weight None. Inquiries about the applicant’s height or weight.
Language If a job requirement: Do you speak, read, or write (specific) language? What is your native tongue?
Marital, Parental, or Caregiver Status Whether applicant can meet work schedule or job requirements. Should be asked of all genders. Any inquiry about marital status, children, pregnancy, caregiving, or child care plans.
Military Record None, except as relates to job-related experience or education during military service. Type or condition of discharge.
National Origin May ask if legally authorized to work in this specific position if all applicants are asked. May not ask a person’s birthplace; if the person is a U.S. citizen; questions about the person’s lineage, ancestry, descent or parentage; how the person acquired the ability to speak/read/learn a foreign language.
Organizations Inquiries about professional organizations related to the position. Inquiries about personal or professional organizations suggesting race, sex, color, religion, creed, national origin or ancestry, age, marital status, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, height, weight, disability, or veteran status.
Personal Finances None. Inquiries regarding credit record, owning a home, or garnishment record.
Photograph None. Any inquiry for a photograph prior to hire.
Political Affiliation None. Inquiries about membership in a political party.
Race or Color None. Comments about complexion or color of skin.
Religion Describe the work schedule and ask whether applicant can work that schedule. Should be asked of all applicants. Inquiries about religious preferences, affiliation, denominations, church, and religious holidays observed.