Terminology and Recommendations

Defining DEIS

The resources below provide definitions and recommended terms to use in constructing strategic plans for diversity, equity, inclusion, and a sense of belonging (DEIS) at Michigan Tech. Of course, the moment we use these terms, we might immediately wonder, "What does all this mean?" Not surprisingly, various definitions for each of these terms exists. However, a few common themes emerge that can help us work toward common goals:

Recommendations on Usage

None of the definitions and recommended terms below are intended to be authoritative. Experts and members of various identity groups disagree on what some terms mean and how they should be used. However, writers can and should use these resources as a primer to begin the conversation—in good faith, with the intent of applying the best terms possible. Aside from some terms that are obviously offensive, we are all learning, and we should be gracious to those who make honest mistakes.

Finally, the material below is not exhaustive, and, ultimately, writers will need to make their own decisions about definitions and terms. As always, everyone is encouraged to consult with the Office of Diversity and Inclusion on specific questions.

When in doubt—ask your source!

Specific Identities

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