Diversity Council

Diversity Council Charge

The Diversity Council serves as an information exchange among colleges, major administrative units, and the Vice President for Diversity and Inclusion to coordinate policies and address issues that impact goals related to diversity, equity, inclusion, and a sense of belonging (DEIS) at Michigan Technological University. The Vice President for Diversity and Inclusion or their representative will chair the Diversity Council and lead its meetings. Along with the chair, the council will comprise one or two MTU faculty, staff, or administrators from each unit, who will be appointed by their dean/unit leader in consultation with the Vice President for Diversity and Inclusion. Diversity Council members will also have a formal communication line to their respective dean/unit head. Meetings will be held monthly throughout the academic year and at least once in the summer.

Characteristic activities include:

  • communicating across budgetary units to optimize consistency of unit approaches to DEIS endeavors, including advice pertaining to external constituencies;
  • developing cross-unit strategies for leveraging DEIS values throughout MTU units;
  • making informal recommendations to the chair;
  • and performing other actions consistent with its charge as needed.

Reporting Structure


The Diversity Council serves as information exchange between the leaders of colleges/major administrative units and the Vice President for Diversity and Inclusion.


Wayne Gersie

  • Vice President for Diversity and Inclusion
  • Research Assistant Professor, Cognitive and Learning Sciences

Member Representation

Each member reports to the leader of their college or major administrative unit (dean or vice president/director).

Meeting Information


Third Thursdays

1–2 p.m.


Meetings via Zoom

For more information, please contact the Office of Diversity and Inclusion Office at vpdi@mtu.edu.

Diversity Council is an integral part of Michigan Tech's mission to promote and foster a sense of belonging.

What the Diversity Council is Reading

2023-2024 Diversity Council Membership
Representative Unit
Leonard Bohmann College of Engineering
Angela Keranen College of Engineering
Robert Bishop Vice President for Student Affairs and Dean of Students
Kyle Rubin University Relations and Enrollment
Sarah Dowd Athletics
E. Krause College of Forest Resources and Environmental Science
Megan Goke Human Resources
Josh Olson Chief Financial Officer and Senior Vice President for Administration
Kathy Halvorsen Vice President for Research
Soonkwan Hong College of Business
Stefanie Sidortsova Advancement and Alumni Relations
Beth Lunde-Stockero Equal Opportunity Compliance and Title IX
Linnea McGowan Hobmeier Van Pelt and Opie Library
Adrienne Minerick ADVANCE
Darnishia Morris Pavlis Honors College
Linda Ott College of Computing
Christopher Sanders Center for Diversity and Inclusion
Jeff Toorongian Center for Teaching and Learning
Heather Simpson College of Sciences and Arts
Kevin Trewartha College of Sciences and Arts
Alan Turnquist Office of Sustainability and Resilience
Shari Stockero Provost and Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs
Vacant University Senate
Jacque Smith Graduate School
Stefka Hristova Institute for Policy, Ethics, and Culture