Diversity Council

Reporting Structure

Reports to: Provost and Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs
Chaired by: Assistant to the Provost for Academic Equity and Inclusion

Charge for Diversity Council - Revised August 29, 2018 

1. Provide the provost (and the President’s Council via the provost) with prioritized recommendations for efforts/actions that will improve campus diversity, inclusion, and climate based on data collected through various means.

  1. Provide recommendations on timelines for implementation of actions.
  2. Provide recommendations on metrics that can be used to gauge the effectiveness of activities.
  3. Provide guidance regarding potential strategies for addressing issues needing attention based on acknowledged best practices, the results of prior interventions at Michigan Tech and elsewhere, and/or other relevant information.

2. Review information provided by units on diversity-related initiatives.

  1. Provide information on a regular basis to the provost (and the President’s Council via the provost).
  2. Make information available to campus community as it becomes available.
  3. Identify, based on the information provided, successful best practices around campus that help to create a culture of belonging.

3. Examine University policies through a diversity and inclusion lens.

  1. Identify policies that promote equity and inclusion and provide the provost (and the President’s Council via the provost) with information about why and how these policies support diversity.
  2. Identify policies that should be modified to better support equity and inclusion and make recommendations to the provost (and the President’s Council via the provost) for improvement as appropriate.

4. Produce quarterly updates about best practices around campus and disseminate to the campus community.