Psychology Minor

Add a Human Factor to Your Degree

Wondering how to set yourself apart in the job market? A minor in psychology equips you with the human skills necessary for success in the workplace and beyond—and such a skill set is highly valued by employers.

Our minor’s course of study offers students great flexibility: Take one required course, Introduction to Psychology (PSY2000), and work with your advisor to choose 15 additional credits that complement your major. In addition to coursework in traditional areas of psychology like counseling, social psychology, and cognitive psychology, we offer courses that examine the interaction of people with technology and their workplace—like human factors, engineering psychology, environmental psychology, and industrial-organization psychology.

Explore the scientific methods that psychologists employ to predict and modify of human behavior, as well as a range of perspectives and content areas in psychology. Students can expect to gain the following from the minor program:

  • an appreciation for the variety of influences on human behavior;
  • an understanding of psychological research and the applications of psychology in your life and to design;
  • interpersonal skills, including cross-cultural understanding;
  • increased critical-thinking and communication skills; and
  • insight into human reasoning and decision making.

A minor in psychology is advantageous for any professional who interacts with or designs for people. Students majoring in the following areas may find our minor to be particularly relevant:

  • Engineering
  • Business
  • Computer Science
  • Pre-Medicine
  • Exercise Science
  • Scientific and Technical Communication
  • Management Information Systems