Kelly S. Steelman

Kelly S. Steelman


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Assistant Professor, Cognitive and Learning Sciences

Affiliated Assistant Professor, Mechanical Engineering-Engineering Mechanics

  • PhD, Psychology, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, 2011

Research Interests

  • Basic and applied attention
  • Models of attention
  • Human performance in aviation
  • Instructional design
  • Display design

Recent Publications

  • Steelman, K.S., McCarley, J.S. & Wickens, C.D. (In Press). Great Expectations: Top-down attentional control modulates the costs of the clutter and eccentricity on alert detection performance. Journal of Experimental Psychology: Applied.
  • Steelman, K.S., Talleur, D., Carbonari, R., Yamani, Y., McCarley, J.S., & Nunes, A. (2013). Auditory, visual, and bimodal data link displays and how they support pilot performance. Aviation, Space, and Environmental Medicine, 84(6), 560-566.
  • McCarley, J.S., & Steelman, K.S. (2013). Visual Attention and Display Design. In Johnson, A. & Proctor, R. (Eds.), Neuroergonomics: Cognitive neuroscience approaches to human factors and ergonomics (51-68). New York: Palgrave-Macmillan.
  • Steelman, K.S., McCarley, J.S. & Wickens, C.D. (2011). Modeling the Control of Attention in Visual Workspaces. Human Factors, 53(2), 142-153.
  • Steelman-Allen, K.S., McCarley, J.S., & Mounts, J.R.W. (2009). Localized attentional interference reflects competition for reentrant processing. Psychonomic Bulletin and Review, 16, 110-115.