Phone and Virtual Interviews

No matter the format of the interview, you always want to be prepared—ultimately, preparation will ensure your successful interview, and it’s always the interview that clinches the offer!

Phone Interview

Many companies do phone interviews in the first step of their hiring process, especially when candidates do not live locally. Phone interviews may be less stressful because you can have your notes in front of you; however, keep in mind that 90 percent of communication is nonverbal, and that’s not possible through the phone. The only way you can show your excitement and enthusiasm for the opportunity you're interviewing for is through the tone of your voice. It may sound corny, but experts say you should smile during your conversation to make your voice sound happy, energetic, and positive through the phone line.

Virtual Interview

This is pretty close to a face-to-face interview, so you’ll want to prepare just the same. Dress professionally, have impeccable grooming, and have lots of stories prepared for behavioral questions. Because you’re “live,” you won’t be able to refer to notes as you would for a phone interview. You’ll also want to know your resume inside and out, but you can have it in front of you for brief reference. A critical component to virtual interviews is the quality of your internet connection. You must ensure that you make or take the call in a space that’s quiet, uninterrupted, and has excellent cellular service. Consider using Career Services interview rooms and your own laptop or our conference room with video conference capabilities.