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Job Offer Form

Congratulations on your graduation! Your career success is very important to us, and the University takes great pride in its 94+% placement rate—one the very best in the country—as it’s such an valuable testimony to your high level of talent.

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At this time, will you please take a minute to tell us about your career choice—whether you’re taking a job in industry, going on to graduate school, joining the military or volunteering your talent in another area. Our job offer form allows us to track important job data. It can be filled out in Banweb (you must log in first) using these three steps (links provide screenshots):

  1. Select the Students tab
  2. Select the Student Records menu
  3. Click on the Job Offer link
  4. Fill out the form appropriately

This information adds measured value to the University and allows it to maintain its reputation for excellence. That, in turn, ensures maximum value, recognition and respect of your own degree. Solid employment data also helps attract top students and more companies to recruit at Michigan Tech, giving students additional opportunities in the future. In addition, the Federal and State governments base their funding on these numbers, as well.

Thank you in advance for your time!

Our very best wishes for your successful future,