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The director of Career Services teaching a class

Career Services offers career advising, workshops, in-class presentations, industry events, and career fairs to help students achieve success. We are happy to partner with faculty in all disciplines to help your students excel!

Don't Cancel Class

Going out of town? Invite Career Services to teach your class or student group in your absence. We'll work with your students on career skills like professionalism, networking, LinkedIn, career fair prep, and how to improve their job search. Check out our portfolio of presentations.

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How You Can Support Career Development

  • Request a Career Services Presentation for your classes and student groups.
  • Post on-campus, student jobs and research opportunities on Handshake.
  • Promote Career Fair and networking opportunities to your students.
  • Encourage students to attend our workshops and events.
  • Refer students to our office for one-on-one advising appointments.
  • Become a trained Michigan Tech Career Coach.

“Career Services prepares students to enter the workforce. I notice the difference between students who take advantage of their services and those who don’t. They are better prepared to interact with recruiters and tend to be more successful in attaining high-quality internships and jobs. I encourage all students to take advantage of the services provided by Michigan Tech Career Services.”

–Jeffrey Wall, Assistant Professor, School of Business and Economics