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A Word From the Director

Stephen PatchinThe Millennial Survey (Deloitte, 2014) examined what students now entering the workforce were looking for in a future employer. They found that 51 percent think working for an innovative company was essential or very important to job satisfaction, leading 78 percent to base their choice of company to work for on this innovation factor.

Generation Z—those age 17 and under—are next in the workforce pipeline and will shortly be college students. The Cassandra Report found them to be resilient and pragmatic, looking to confront issues rather than hide them. They will be problem solvers, with education the investment they use to solve challenges throughout their lifetime.

As you view our website, keep the needs and interests of these generations in mind. Tech, in collaboration with partners in industry, philanthropy, and research, has developed a unique experiential learning program tailored to them. Our collective focus provides a wide range of diverse and dynamic learning experiences everywhere from our labs, classrooms, and research facilities to residence halls, common meeting areas, broomball courts, co-ops and internships, and more.

The success of Michigan Tech’s efforts is a credit to the efforts of staff, faculty, the local community, corporate and research partners, and, of course, our students. We are proud of their accomplishments both on and off our campus. This report illustrates not only their social and academic value, but provides a glimpse of the many experiences that helped shape their values, work ethic, compassion for others, and skills as life-long learners.

Thanks to all who continue to help coach and mentor current and future generations of students whose goal is to create the future.


Stephen Patchin, Director
Michigan Tech Career Services