WebAIM Web Accessibility Training

Michigan Tech's Accessible Technology Working Group (ATWG) held a web accessibility training session on July 18, 2018.  Jared Smith, Associate Director of Web Accessibility in Mind (WebAIM), provided the day-long training to web developers, web content editors, and others.  Those with web responsibilities who did not attend the training (or who want to watch again) are highly encouraged to view these online sessions.  Others interested in a broad overview of web accessibility best practices are also encouraged to view.

To view a training session, enter your Canvas login credentials when prompted.

Session 1:

Provides an overview of web accessibility and discusses the various types of disabilities, disability laws, and international web accessibility standards.
Session 1 audio transcript

Session 2:

Reviews the importance of proper heading structure on webpages and documents, the proper use of color and contrast, alternative text on images, and descriptive link text.
Session 2 audio transcript

Session 3:

Provides an introductory overview of Accessible Rich Internet Applications (ARIA) techniques, best practices when coding "skip links" navigation, font use, and a review of layout tables.
Session 3 audio transcript

Session 4:

Reviews best practices of data tables, web forms and common evaluation methodologies used to evaluate the accessibility status of webpages.
Session 4 audio transcript